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Fat is a macronutrient, along with carbohydrates and protein. It is the body's energy source, so it is good for the brain, skin, heart, etc.

But there are many types of fats. Hence, some are healthy for your body, and some are unhealthy.

For example, junk food has a lot of fat in it in the form of oil catchup. But this is not good for you. It is undoubtedly very tasty but not full of nutrition.

Types of Fat:

There are many types of fats, depending on their chemical bonding: saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and trans.

Saturated fat is unhealthy for you. It is dietary fat. Some amount of trans fat is present in this. For example, red meat, butter, coconut oil, etc. In other words, it holds in your body and makes you overweight.

Monounsaturated fat is healthy for your body. Furthermore, it is a liquid at room temperature. Some polyunsaturated fat is present in it, but it is not stored in your body. Examples are olive oil and avocado.

Polyunsaturated fat is one of your body's health benefits. It is also not stored in your body. Some monounsaturated fat is present.

By the name, poly means having two or more carbon-carbon double bonds. Examples include fish, nuts, seeds, and seed oil.

Trans is the form of unsaturated fats. It is called fatty acids. It is harmful to you because it increases your cholesterol level.

Further, it has two forms: normal and artificial. It is found in cattle, sheep, goats, etc.

The Benefit of Healthy Fats

  • Fat gives energy to your body, grows your cells, and protects your body organs.

  • Fat helps to prevent internal bleeding.

  • Healthy fat strengthens your brain.

  • Omega-3 is best for your brain, eyes, and other organs. It protects against dry eye disease.

  • Also, Low cholesterol levels Increase testosterone levels.

Side Effects of Fats

If you are taking a lot of fatty acids, then it badly affects your heart. Because it increases your cholesterol level. So, your arteries are also closed.

Thus, it increases your stroke rate. Whenever you want to add fat to your diet, you can take 20%. Your 50% is protein, and the remaining value is carbs. Then you can reap more benefits.

For example, eating two whole eggs provides fat and protein, which is best for increasing testosterone levels.