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Curd is full of nutrition; it contains 3.5 grams of protein, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, minerals, carbohydrates, calories(65), etc.

Further, it also provides your body with vitamin D and calcium. It improves digestion and relieves your inner stomach energy.

Curd is also used for weight gain. If you eat it with a combination like in the morning if you eat curd with potato then you can gain a lot of weight. And you can also use it in muscle building.

Curd For Weight Loss

It contains calcium, and it makes strong bones and teeth. Moreover, it increases your immunity power.

Further, your skin glows when you eat curd. And prevent wrinkles. You can use curd for weight loss. But you eat curd without any external source.

Then it gives you all the nutrients

and low calories. If you add sugar to it, then it makes you fat because curd also has sugar. So eat it as it is.

Then you take a lot of benefits. According to the experiment, it removes your dandruff and gives you fair skin. It removes a dark spot from your skin.

Further, it gives you healthy digestion because it acts like a probiotic.

If you are consuming it every day then it is good for your heart.

Side Effects of Eating

There is a much less negative impact on our bodies. The main symptoms are vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, etc.

If you have a cold and flu then avoid it. It has good bacteria that are not good for you at this time.

Curd at Night

This is the most popular question: Should we eat at night or not? If you have any diseases like asthma or pollen allergies, you must avoid them at night. If you do not have these diseases, you can take them.

What happens when an asthma and pollen allergy patient takes yogurt at night?

According to the research, it increases the formation of mucus, and asthma patients die due to breathing problems. So avoid at night if you have such type of disease.


Many doctors recommend it at breakfast and afternoon. Because if you have any type of breathing problem, you can tackle it.

You can eat three cups of curd in a day. But it depends from person to person.