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Creatine is a white substance. It comes in many types, such as monohydrate, liquid, buffer, and hydrochloride. Many people use it for true weight gain.

You can gain lean muscles, and it gives you more energy. You can add it to your diet to increase your rep range.

Moreover, you can take it with water. If you are doing excess, then you may face many health problems. The most common creatine is mono.


Creatine Benefits

Firstly, you must add creatine to your diet to gain muscle mass. This muscle mass is lean.

You gain weight in a few weeks. But when you take this, you must be left with a heavyweight, and then you can activate your high-twitch muscle.

Secondly, you see that your body strength has increased. This is because it generates energy in muscles. Further, if you gain new lean muscles, your body will be stronger, improving your overall strength.

It increases your speed and energy. If you are a powerlifter, then you know how it works in your workout.

Like snatch, clean, deadlift, bench press, etc., these are compound exercises that make you stronger than other exercises.

Here Are Some Side Effects

Firstly, weight gain

Secondly, water retention






These are the main side effects of creatine. The main problem is you feel bloating. When you take a lot of creatine, it increases the amount of creatinine in your body.

If you drink less water, creatinine builds up in your body, and you may experience these symptoms. So drink a lot of water to avoid many diseases.

Further, many people load the creatine and take it for one week. Moreover, they think it gives you a lot of benefits. But it is not sure about that because you put a lot of stress on your kidneys.


Most people take it in high amounts. But I suggest that you take 10 grams a day. But if you are an advanced bodybuilder.

Further, if you are a beginner, you can not take this amount. You can take only 5 grams a day.


A lot of food contains creatine but in a low amount.

Firstly, Steak

Secondly, Salmon

Further, Chicken




You can also get it from food. However, you get a minimal amount; when you eat one kg of chicken, you get only 4 grams of creatine.

Moreover, many people add creatine supplements to their diet to avoid these.