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Brown bread comes in many types: whole wheat, multigrain-based, rye, and sourdough. One slice contains 74 calories and 3 grams of protein and is high in carbohydrates, fat, and fiber.

Further, it is a type of complex carbs that you can take at any time. Moreover, you should never take complex carbs after your workout because they slow your digestion.

Add Brown Bread Benefits

Weight Gain:

The experiment shows that people do not gain weight when they eat it. Further, when you add something to it like peanut butter or jam,

Then you can gain weight. Moreover, you can take 1 hour after your workout. On the contrary, you can eat brown bread before your workout. It gives you more energy.

Weight Loss:

On the other hand, you can lose weight. But you avoid some of the fat and sugar substances that you are adding to your gaining program.

But here, you can eat brown bread with white eggs. Then, your body will only need complex carbs and protein.

Better Digestion:

Brown bread is high in fiber, which helps in your digestion. Fiber keeps away from many diseases like constipation. Further, it reduces stress on your stomach.

Overeating Side Effects

It has some common side effects, like

Firstly, Bloating

Secondly, Diarrhea

Stomach pain

Most people are sensitive to gluten, which damages nerves and the small intestine's lining. So be careful of your body.

So, if you have this disease, then you should avoid wheat. Or you can eat gluten-free bread.

Finally, all the above are important things about brown bread. If you have overdosed, you can eat four slices in a day for the best results.

Then, you increase your fiber intake in your diet. For example, you take fiber from veggies. Further, if you eat a lot of brown bread, it is not good for your health. So maintain your daily needs.