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To build arms you need to lift heavy weights. If you hit the bicep muscle once a week then it does not grow. You perform barbell curls and hammer curls then you build big arms. After that, you can focus on your triceps muscles.

Because the triceps means it consists of three muscles of your arms. And bicep consists of only two muscles. So if you want to have bigger arms then the main focus is on your tri muscle.

Exercise For Bigger Biceps and Triceps

Concentration curl

Cable curl

Barbell curl


Skull crusher

Overhead dumbbell


Reverse grip

Posing between sets

Include Drop set, Negative set, and Partial set To Build Arms

Most people are doing the same exercise regularly. So the body goes through this schedule that does not produce results. If you add these three variations to your routine then you get definite results.

Drop set:

When you are doing your regular set then after your set you can use a light dumbbell to perform fifteen reps and then at last pose biceps. This is a drop set.

Negative set:

When you complete the full range of motion then in reverse you down very slowly and feel the bicep muscle. It performs between your reps.

Like you can ask someone if he is pushing you down with force and you control it.

Partials set:

By this name, you can understand what is its means. It means half your full range of motion. Like when you perform any exercise then you do not make the full range of motion but you stop doing it when it reaches half of the motion.

You can add all these sets to your every exercise. So it fatigues more and trains your muscles with variations.

After one week you can see your bicep and triceps muscles bigger and more muscular.

What is Diet For Building Arms

Make sure you should eat a lot. Because you need more energy and more calories. Like you can eat high protein, complex carbs, healthy fats, and so on. Because you need to repair your muscles.

If you can afford supplements then you can add them to your diet. You can add supplements Protein, BCAAs, Glutamine, and Pre-workout.

How To Workout

I see a lot of people who work very hard and they do not build arms. Because the main reason is they work 7 days a week. So they do not take proper rest that is the reason his/her muscles are not growing.

So I suggest you should work out only 5 days a week and take 2 days rest in between the workout plan. This is my personal experience.

The last thing is you must take 2-3 minutes rest in between your sets. Do not speed up your workout give it 1 hour at least.

And your position is also very important in the workout. Only use the bicep when you train this muscle. Do not use other muscles in this.