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You can easily burn fat fast at home. Here, you need to understand the logic behind it. Further, you need to control your many habits. For example, you must add a physical workout, take good food, reduce bad food, get proper sleep, etc.

Moreover, it also depends on your body fat percentage. If you have a high fat percentage, your body takes a lot of time to burn fat.

On the other hand, if you have a low body fat percentage, you can easily burn fat. And if you think about when my body fat burned, you can eat anything like before.

But this is wrong. You can not eat anything. Here, you can eat only good food. On the contrary, if you eat a lot of junk food, then you can increase your workout hours. So you can easily manage your body fat percentage.

It's all about your calorie intake. When you consume high calories, your body does not use the fat stored in your body parts. On the other hand, when you consume low calories, your body uses the fat stored in your body parts.

Burn Fat Fast At Home With Bodyweight

Several bodyweight exercises exist. Here, you can only do aerobic exercises that are more effective for your body.

For example, aerobic exercise increases our heart rate. But if you are not able to do these exercises at first, you can start with basic exercises.

Exercises include push-ups, pull-ups, burpees, squats, mountain climbers, toe touches, crunches, leg raises, planks, side leg raises, running, sprints, shoulder push-ups, standing calves raises, etc.

These are very effective exercises that train your full body. Further, you do not add all the above; you take 4-5 exercises, make a circuit, and perform that circuit 5-6 times.

On the other hand, exercises like sprinting and running are not performed daily because your body needs recovery time.

On the other hand, you must perform high repetitions. If you do not perform high repetitions, you can not burn body fat. When you start, you do not hit high repetitions, but after some time, you can easily do high repetitions.

When you train your body with 6-8 repetitions, you can activate only the fast-twitch muscle. But when you train your body with 15-16 repetitions, you can activate the low-twitch muscle. So, add both repetitions to your workout plan.

Take Clean Diet

If you are doing an intense workout and your diet is poor, you can not burn fat fast. Here, you need to cut all bad foods from your diet.

For example, if you eat a lot of bad carbs, oily foods, and junk food, you will not easily burn body fat.

Here, you can burn fat, but that is water weight. After that, your body does not respond to you. So it is a serious point in our goal.

On the other hand, if you are on a low-protein diet, you can also lose muscles. So, take a high-protein diet when you are losing fat. On the contrary, when you are on a high-protein diet, your body builds new muscles day by day.

Your body does not take a long time to recover your muscles. Moreover, you can add complex carbs to your diet for energy, but take them before the gym, not after the gym.

Further, fat is also a good source of energy. You can add it to your diet. For example, whole eggs, nuts, etc. These are good sources of fat. But you should not take other unhealthy fats. So clean your diet and then add a workout to your daily life.

Use Different Workout Plans

This is also an important factor. When we train our body with the same angle, our body stops producing results.

So, after two months, you must change your exercises. When I say change, I mean you should change your angle. For example, if you have been doing decline presses on the barbell for six months, you can replace this exercise with dips, which are bodyweight exercises.

On the other hand, you can do both exercises so that your body feels some change and produces results.

Conversely, you do not know new exercises that can shock your body with old exercises. For example, when you are doing decline press on the barbell for 6 months. Here, you can change in repetition like 15,20,25,8 etc. Then, your body does not go through this exercise.

Moreover, it is the same with your diet. When you eat the same food at the same time each day, your body goes through form, and this does not produce results.

I am not talking about any book knowledge. When you apply these steps, you can easily understand what your body demands.

Track Calories

I see many people who say they know how many calories they are taking. Then my simple question is, why are you not losing weight?

So my point is you must write down your calorie intake daily. If you know how many calories are in a shake, go to Google, and you will find everything.

When you track your calories, you can easily burn fat at home. On the other hand, you do not reduce your calories too much.

Because when you are in a very low-calorie deficit, you have very low energy, and you can not work out properly.

On the other hand, you should know how many calories you burn in your workout. If you do not know how to track calories, buy a cheap fitness watch and track them.

So these are some basic points that will help you burn fat without any supplements. I see people buy expensive fat burners and are unable to burn fat.

Because fat burners totally depend on our diet. First, if our diet is clear, then we never need any fat burner. You can easily burn fat without supplements and gym membership.