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Most people want wide shoulders because it looks pretty good. In bodybuilding wide shoulder is the key to attraction.

I can bet you, that you can never see a bodybuilder with weak shoulders. Wide shoulders give you a v-shape body type.

Broad shoulders exercises

Yes, you can widen your shoulders. It has three heads first is

Anterior deltoid

Lateral deltoid

Posterior deltoid

These are the main muscles of your shoulders. You should train your delts with light and capacity weights and never go for heavy.

So you can widen your width. Regularly, you must change your exercise. Never do the same exercises.

Exercise for Development

Overhead press

This exercise builds your overall shoulders. You can start with dumbbells and rods. Rod is effective because it performs very easily.

On the other hand, there are 4 sets and 15 maximum repetitions. But your all sets are in control. I see a lot of people doing wrong because they take help from their wrong leg. So take lightweight and feel the muscle.

Front raises

It hits your front delt which is the anterior delt. Take a plate-like 10 kg and left till your shoulder height and go slove and feel the muscle. You can take 4 sets and 20 repetitions.

Seated rear lateral raise

Sit at the edge of the bench and bend forward then flat your back. Then slowly lift weights up and to the side till your elbow is at shoulder height. Hold this for a few seconds.

Farmer walk

This most effective exercise for your shoulders. In this, your shrugs are included, and the shoulder upper part, and trapezius muscle.

Moreover, you can take the weight and hold it in your hand and walk. Then your overall shoulder also stretches. So you take 4 sets with a 1-minute walk.

Diet For Big Delts

If you want a wider shoulder then you should eat a wide meal every 2 hours. Your workout session is about 1 hour.

After your workout, you must stretch your shoulders and other parts of your body.

In your, every meal you must take high protein. And you can take complex carbs in your diet. Then you take healthy fats from nuts and other sources.

Apply these things you can get results within 30- days. But this is possible when you do your 100% in workout and diet. If you give 50% then your result time will be double and it takes a long time.