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If you want to grow a dense beard then you need to take care of your hair. Many ways in the market to grow your hair. Further, it is not sure that these hair grooming products take care of your hair.

Because most of the companies use a high amount of chemicals in it. On the other hand, when you start hair growth methods then you must have patience. Moreover, these methods take a long time.

Further, It depends on your genetics. When you have strong genetics then you have a full beard. But when you do have not strong hair then you can try for a full beard.

Steps For Growing Faster

Be Patience:

It is not a very fast process because when you start taking care of your hair then you do not see any type of change in your hair.

On the other hand, if you trim your beard regularly then you can grow your beard fast. But it is not scientifically proven. Further, when you have a beard then you do not trim it. But let it grow for months.

Another method is when you have no hair on your face then you can shave it then it grows. But sometimes these methods do not work because it depends on your genetics.

So do not worry about it. When you apply these methods then you can achieve your beard goal.

Wash Hair:

When you do not wash your hair then your hair follicles are closed by dust. Moreover, you do have dense hair. So you must wash your facial hair twice a day.

Further, you can use shampoo for it. You do not wash your hair with warm water because it gives you dandruff.

Further, you do not have shiny hair. And your hair looks very bad. During the whole day, you can wash your hair many times because wet hair is easily damaged.

Massage With Oil:

This is a very effective way to give nutrition to your hair. But you do not use high pressure for massage. Further, you can use your fingertips for massage.

And you can only apply oil for a very short time. Moreover, when you do massage at night then you get more benefits as compared to the morning.

Because pollution at night is very low. So when you go out after applying oil to your beard then your beard catches all dust.

Other Steps

Use Softener And Oil:

When you are using basic oil then you can not get proper results. But when you start applying beard products then you can achieve a dense beard.

Further, the softener is most important for your hair. When you apply it after a hair wash then it makes your hair soft and shiny.

On the other hand, you can take any company beard oil because it is a mixer of many types of oil that is more beneficial for your hair.

Change Diet:

It is also an important factor for your hair. When you are eating junk food then you give trash to your body. You need to take vitamins B3, B5, B7, etc.

Further, you can add chicken, eggs, nuts, etc to your diet. These are full of many vitamins. Moreover, you need to add vegetables to your diet.

Use Onion:

It is a very simple technic to grow your hair. Firstly, you take some onions and then chop them into a small piece.

After that apply all onion juice to your scalp. Moreover, you need to massage onion oil with your fingertips. It is responsible for hair regrowth.

On the other hand, if you can do this method then you can buy onion oil from any medical store. You can apply onion oil on your head hair too. It is very helpful for your hair growth.

Stop Smoke:

Smoke is very bad for your body. But it is not directly affecting your hair. But it has damaged your system. So firstly, you need to quit smoking then you can take care of your hair.

When your full body works properly then your hair condition may be better. And smoke interrupts the endocrine system. It is responsible for your hair growth.

More Steps


When you apply all methods then you do not have hair growth then a transplant is the last option. But if you have hair follicles on your face then you can do a hair transplant.

If you do not have hair follicles you can not do a hair transplant. This process is very costly and very time- consuming process.

Further, when you plant your hair then you take care of it from infection. If you have an infection in your hair then your hair does not grow.

Check Testosterone:

When you have a high level of testosterone level in your body then you have low hair growth and high-level hair fall.

For example, you can see many bodybuilders who have very low hair growth which is the reason behind it. So without a doctor’s advice, you can not take a testosterone pill and injection.

Consult With Doctor

You can find many methods on the net that tell you how to grow your beard. However, these methods are not fully approved.

So firstly, you must consult with yourself when you start any type of method on your hair. For example, sometimes the doctor gives you a simple medicine that grows your hair.

It is not sure that you need a hair transplant in your teenage. if you are 30 plus then you may have a hair transplant.