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We all hear about lemon and honey reducing belly fat. But In most research, it is not true. Lemon contains numerous terpenes, polyphenols, etc.

But In juice contains more citric acid. It is high in vitamin C. It is used for the common cold and flu, stomach upset, vomiting, and kidney stones.

Where honey is sweet and made by honey bees. It contains vitamin B, folic acid, vitamin B12, etc. And the minerals calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, etc.

It is used to heal wounds and burns. But if you eat a lot of honey then you may be fat and have many health issues.

Use Lemon For Fat Burn

When you drink lemon with water on an empty stomach. The high citric acid helps to improve your digestion, reduce heartburn, detox the liver, etc.

So it increases your metabolic rate and burns fat fast. This is when you do the workout. if you drink regularly then it is dangerous for your body.

If you take one lemon then drink it so do not fill your stomach with water. Because it contains six calories in it as compared to other juices.

The side effects of lemon

It contains more citric acid than it harms your enamel. If you control it from touching your tooth then you can reduce this harm.

On the other hand, you can use a straw to drink water.

Use Honey For Fat Burn

In the morning take a teaspoon and take warm water then mix it and drink it. It gives energy to your body’s organs.

And helps to detox your body. When you add lemon to it then it is very effective for your fat burn.

On the other way, When you add garlic and honey then it reduces your weight. The combination of both reduces stress, high blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

The Side Effects of Honey

It contains high sugar and high calories. Approx. 60 calories in one tablespoon. It digests rapidly and increases your blood sugar.

This results in high weight gain and increased hunger

Workout Must

Some people drink a lot of lemon juice they do not see any results because they did not do any workout.

So if you want rapid results add physical exercise to your routine. Then you burn more calories and take low calories so it helps to reduce your belly fat.