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Stretching is a situation when you flex any body part and hold for 30 seconds. Stretching gives you a lot of benefits. But most people do not stretch their muscles. And they do not know about it.

Further, you can see many bodybuilders who have no flexibility in their body muscles. For example, many people do not touch their toes. Their hamstrings are very tight Because they don’t do stretching regularly.

Type of Stretching

There are three types of it.

  • Static

  • Dynamic

  • Ballistic

Static is the form of passive and active stretch. This is the most known stretch. In this, you are holding your muscles for 10 seconds.

But this may not increase your physical performance. It reduces muscle tension increases the length and gives rest to the muscle fiber.

This is used for your warm-up and single muscle-like triceps stretch.

Dynamic for the mobility of the body. In this, you can move your muscles and extend the body parts. The simple meaning is it includes movement.

Like lunges with a torso twist. It is performed after your workout because it gives relaxation to your muscles.

Ballistic is a more dangerous form of a stretch because we give a jerk and quick techniques. By this, our muscles are activated. But it is not tackled by everyone. So be careful of ballistic stretch. For example, touching your toes goes toward and jerks.

It is similar to dynamic stretch because it also includes movement. If you have lower back pain then do not try or force your body to do this stretch because it increases your injury more. No doubt it reduces injury, but if you are already injured, then do not try it on that part.

Stretching Benefits For Everyone

There are many benefits to it. If you are going to the gym or not. It improves flexibility, posture, Injury reduction, reduces soreness, reduces muscle tension, increases muscle growth, etc.

When you do it three times a week then you can see more results. It has no side effects you can do it daily.

Stretching Side Effects

It has no side effects, but when you stretch your muscles, you feel only tension in your muscles. But if you feel some kind of pain, then your tissue is damaged, and then you stop stretching and go to the doctor.

Because it causes a serious injury.