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Clenbuterol Side Effects very badly hit your organs. Further, it is used for weight loss. This is the main purpose of taking this drug.

Moreover, this drug is given to asthma patients. When the patient takes this it increases their breathing. So patients take their breath easily.

But if you are not an asthma patient then you are taking this. You can not imagine what are Clenbuterol's Side Effects.

There are no Clenbuterol Side Effects. Firstly, it hits your heart, chest pain, liver problems, high sweating, nervousness, increased breathing, handshaking, pimples, etc.

These are all Clenbuterol Side Effects when a non-asthma patient takes this drug. Moreover, an asthma patient takes this drug in a low amount.

But when you are using this for bodybuilding then you are taking a high dosage of it.

So whenever you want to start this drug then you must know all Clenbuterol Side Effects. And before taking this consult with your doctor.

Clenbuterol Side Effects

  • Liver Problem

When you are taking tablets of this drug then you are hurting your liver badly. You do not what happens with your liver.

Further, your concentration on muscle building. When a large number breaks down in your liver then it increases a liver enzyme in it. When you are eating anything it is forced to digest it. And you are all the time hungry.

To reduce this side effect you need post-cycle therapy. Moreover, if anyone has a liver problem like they can not digest food easily and stomach pain, etc. Then these types of people avoid tablets.

Another option for this is to take this drug through injection. But it directly can not attack your liver but your heart on the target.

  • Heart Disease

When we are using this drug for performance-enhancing and weight loss. Then we are taking a very high dosage as compared to the asthma patients.

Further, this amount increases your heart rate. And you have high blood pressure. This increases your heart disease as well.

When you are already a heart patient then you are taking this drug then you have a heart attack. So you must keep away when you have serious heart problems. And it is a medical condition.

  • Shaky Hands

When you are taking high dosages of this drug. Then your mind is not working well. And you are confused. Your body system is not working properly.

Then your mind is not able to send proper signals to your hand. When you are lifting heavy-weight after that you can see your hands shaking.

But this is not caused by this drug. Sometimes you have other brain disorders.

Other Effects-

  • Nervousness

Clenbuterol Side Effects that make you nervous. The main reason behind it your brain function is not working well. And your body is also uncomfortable.

When you are on your advanced level cycle. Then you are taking 80mg daily. And you can not feel good. Whenever you are consuming then you can easily listen to your heartbeat.

  • High Heat

When you are taking it regularly then your body produces more heat as compared to before. The main reason is that you have a high heart rate.

Your blood pressure increases all the time. Your bodywork all day and night. And you are eating a high protein diet that also affects your body heat.

Sometimes you feel that you have a fever. But do not worry if you are taking this first time then you can face these issues.

  • High Sweating

When you have high heat in your body. You sweat all the time. This is very important that your body increases sweat and burns fat. That is the reason for your fat burn. But it is not normal sweat.

When you are seated you feel anxiety and then you sweat more. But it is not a dangerous side effect. You can reduce this by eating cold things.

And you must add curd, milk, water, etc to your diet. If you are taking a lot of liquid things in your diet then you can reduce this side effect.

  • High Risk

If you are taking this drug then you are at high risk. Further, there are many things in the market for weight loss.

Moreover, you can try natural things for weight loss. yes, it is sure you have a very fast result by taking this drug. But these results are not more important than your body.

Naturally, you can also lose weight but it takes time. On the other hand, you are taking risks to your liver, heart, brain, etc. These are the main organs of your body.

I see many people tell me that they use post-cycle therapy to reduce these side effects. But can you imagine when you are on a six-month cycle and after you can take one month of PCT? Can you recover in one month?

In my opinion, you can not recover in one month. Many gym trainers tell you that you can recover in one month. But when you hurt a thing for six months. Sometimes you have permanent damage to your liver and heart.

This is a bitter truth that you need to accept all its side effects. If anyone tells you that you have some side effects in starting and after you will be getting rid of it.

Then that person is not giving you true knowledge. But some people do have not many side effects. It varies from person to person.

Cheap Price-

I see many people buy this drug because it is cheap. For example, you buy this because it is cheap. But after one cycle then you have side effects.

Here, you have a lot of money for your body. It is not cheap. There are many processes after a cycle. You are seeing only one side of the coin.

So my suggestion to you is that you can not use this drug. If you are a teenager then you must avoid this drug. But you can take another diet for your muscle growth. And if you are an advanced-level athlete you also avoid this drug.

Moreover, if you are internally not strong and have a big bicep then it does not help you anywhere. At last, these are the side effects of clenbuterol and think before using it.