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High Estrogen is bad for men. But it is good for females. Because it is the female hormone. Moreover, it is also good for men but if it is in a lower amount.

When you have high estrogen then you have many problems. Mainly men suffer from this hormone. For example, if you have high estrogen then you have men's boobs, unhealthy sperm, a problem with erection, etc.

On the other hand, it has many benefits like strong bones, strong muscles, etc. Further, the male hormone is testosterone.

If you are male then you need to increase your testosterone level. And you need to control your high estrogen level. If you are female then you need to maintain testosterone. But you should be high in estrogen.

If a female is high in testosterone then they look like a man. Because it is the male hormone. For example, you can see facial hair growth, your voice will be heavy, etc.

Common High Estrogen Side Effects


When you have high estrogen then you have high growth of men's boobs. Not only this, you got a lump inside your nipple. Sometimes you have pain in your nipple.

On the other hand, when it grows big then you may have surgery for gynecomastia. For example, if you are a bodybuilder then your chest is not in symmetry.

If you are a teenager then you feel your men's boobs are growing very fast. Then you should avoid all food that contains estrogen.

Further, it has many types. Sometimes it can be healed with medicines. Another reason is when you are overweight.

Then you have a lot of fat around your chest. But that is not this disease but after some time it takes the place of Gynecomastia.

Slow Muscle Growth:

If you want to build muscles then you are more affected by this. Because you need high testosterone for muscle building. Then you can not achieve your fitness goal.

On the other hand, if you are female and you want to build muscles then you also need testosterone. The female hormone is necessary for our body but when it lowers.

When you are high in testosterone then you have high-quality sperm. If you want to decrease the estrogen level then you need to stop taking bad oily food.

When you are eating junk food in high quantity then you high level of estrogen. For example, I see many people when they are eating soy-based products all day. It is good for you.

But you can take only 30 grams of protein from it. When you are taking 90 grams of protein from it then it increases the female hormone in your body.

Avoid These Foods:

First of all, you need to track your soy products. When you are overdosage then you can have all the above side effects.

If you are taking flax seeds, soya beans, beets, garlic, watermelon, etc. These foods are estrogen-rich. When you are eating the whole day then you have a big loss.

No doubt these foods are healthy but when you are in excess then these are not good for you.

Secondly, you need to control all spicy food. That is you need to avoid hotel and restaurant food. When you are eating regularly then you can gain weight.

Here you gain only unhealthy weight. Then you can see your chest stores a lot of fat. After a long time, it takes place in men's boobs. Another reason is that when you eat unhealthy food then your body reduces the level of testosterone.

But your body has a lower level of estrogen. When the male hormone is lower in your body then automatically female hormone is high in your body.

Thirdly, If you want to increase your testosterone level. Then you need to take healthy fats in your diet. For example, when you are eating two whole eggs then your body naturally produces testosterone.

On the other hand, you can add nuts, seeds, beef, fish, etc. These are also sources of healthy fats. Further, you need to do a daily workout routine.

For example, when you are doing a leg workout then your body increases the level of testosterone in your body. But if you are not able to do a workout then you can do a morning walk.

So these steps decrease the level of female hormone. If you are female then you do not worry about it. It is good for your body. For example, menopause, healthy bones, etc.

Dangerous For Teenagers:

If you are a teenager then you must be careful about this. When we are in the teenage phase then many people are overweight. This is the first symptom of high estrogen in your body.

For example, when boys are overweight then they do not have hair on their bodies. This is a sign that your testosterone is low. But do not worry you can manage your level from your diet.

You need to increase protein in your diet then you need healthy fat. So here you can not gain fat. Not only this you also control your carbs intake.

When you are taking high carbs in your diet then you can gain weight. So we do not stop taking carbs. But we replace bad carbs with complex carbs.

Get Rid of Men's Boobs

If you want to get rid of men’s boobs then you need to check what is the state of your men's boobs. For example, if you get a lump then it can be healed with medicine.

On the other hand, if you have pain and swelling in your breast then you must consult with the doctor. If you are overweight then you have a fatty chest then you need to control your diet.

And you need to do a high-intensity workout. So you can reduce your chest fat. If you are not taking it seriously then you may have a serious problem. And it takes a long time to burn body fat. In the starting, you can not see any results.

But after one month you can see the amazing results. On the other hand, it depends on your diet and workout.

So I think you can understand this topic. If you apply these methods then you can achieve your fitness results. Further, if you have any doubts then you can contact us or mail us. Our team is always ready for your help.