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Lower back pain is the most common problem in every person. Don’t matter if he or she is a child or an adult.

On the other hand, you can say today’s environment is not good for us. Because we do not go for a walk. Do not eat a healthy diet.

Our 8-hour daily seating job affects the lower back. In the end, we have a serious disease like Arthritis, Sciatica, lower back pain, etc.

Sometimes, we have accidents that also cause back pain. If you have not all these problems then you have a muscle strain. And your hamstring is very tight.

Yoga For Lower Back Pain

Yoga is the best exercise for your back pain. Because it makes your back more flexible. And it increases the strength of your backbone.

Yoga protects from injury. The main benefit of yoga is it perfects your posture. On the other hand, it increases blood flow. For example


Cobra pose

Locust pose

Sphinx pose

Bridge pose

These five yoga give you all the benefits and reduce your back pain. But you must do yoga at least six times a week if you want quick results.

Otherwise, you can not get any results if you skip the days and you get results in years which is not good.

Diet for Pain

There is no fixed diet for back pain but you can add some nutritious food to your diet that helps to strengthen your bones. You can milk in your diet.

And some eggs, almonds, walnuts, chicken, beans, etc. These all give you more protein and high fiber and many more things.

If you are vegetarian, then you can add a supplement to your diet.

Correct your posture

It is the main reason for many people. They worked in their in-office and sat on a chair but they did not sit in an incorrect position. Same at home they see T.V. for many hours but they do not correct their posture.

So when you do anything make sure your back is straight. For example, I write on this issue but here I am not sitting in proper form that’s the reason that I have low back pain.

Strengthen your core

I did not talk about that you have to need abs muscles. But I am talking about training your abs. If these are strong then your back takes a low load on anything. All the load is handled by your abs muscles.

Most people do not train their abs because of the thing they have lots of belly fat on their stomachs but if you train your muscles then they get stronger day by day. So train your abs muscles.