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It is high in protein which is 8 grams. And many people prefer you to eat kiwi without the peel. Further, It has small black seeds inside it. It is low in calories and low in fiber.

Moreover, it has calcium and vitamin C, vitamin K. In India this expensive fruit. There are many benefits of kiwi like a strong immune system, increased vision, use in asthma, help for digestion, etc.

You can add to your diet for weight loss because it is low on calories.

Kiwi Fruit Uses And Benefits

Firstly, it is used in asthma. Because when kiwi is high in vitamin C and antioxidants. A person who takes fruits regularly then his lung performance better than other persons.

Secondly, It boosts your immune system. Because of vitamin C., is taken away from cold and flu. If you are old then you start eating kiwi and other fruits.

Moreover, Kiwi controls your blood pressure. Not Kiwi but you listen to this eat an apple in a day and it keeps you away from a doctor.

Kiwi gives you a good digestion system. Because it is high in fiber. You can add fiber to your diet no matter what is fruit. When you eat fiber with each meal then you get better results in bodybuilding.

Further, it protects your eyes because zeaxanthin and lutein are responsible for this effect.


Kiwi is eaten in the form of blend and raw. But you never cook a kiwi because when you cook it then it loses vitamin C and many nutrients.

A person eats three kiwis in a day. If you are taking a supplement then you can take only five grams in a day. So it varies from person to person that is how much he needs.

Side Effects of Eating

It has no side effects, but when you eat a lot of kiwis, then it upsets your stomach. Everything is a high amount in your diet. So you face diseases like vomiting, upset stomach, bloating, etc.

Use in Malaria:

Malaria is a disease. In India whenever you have a high fever then your body plate rate decreases day by day. No medicines are working at that time.

But this fruit is suggested by the doctor. And they give it to the patient to increase body plate rates. So this fruit is very powerful and saves lives.