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Knee pain is a major problem for many people. Firstly, it is an injury to your ligament or cartilage. The ligament is holding your knee inside her.

Moreover, it gives movement to your knee. Whenever you jerk your knee with heavyweight then it hurts badly. So it is a medical condition but if we take care of it at home then you can reduce your joint pain without surgery.

Because most of the doctors do not give you medicines they implant a new knee that is not good.

The artificial knee life is ten years maximum but only when you use your knee for a walk. Otherwise, If you go to the gym then you again hurt your joints.

How to fix knee pain

Firstly, you need to rest.

Secondly, ice your knee then which reduces pain and swelling. Do stretching and stretch your quadriceps. Further, physical therapy and the use of knee braces.


Half squatting is the best exercise to strengthen your quadriceps. In this, you must slow your range of motion.

Moreover, it is not straining your lower joints and you can train your ham and glute muscles.

Side leg raises

Calf raises

Hamstring curl

You can perform all exercises but make sure your leg joints are not included in them. If you want to train other muscles of your body then you can use the isolated exercise. These exercises do not include any movement but a specific muscle train at one time.

Diet For Pain-

Here is some food that reduces your pain. But not every time it works Because when your ligament is broken then it is a medical condition.

Whenever you’re swelling increases day by day and pain also increases. If it does not have any movement then you understand it needs a doctor do not take it easy. And consult with your doctor.

Here are some foods

Whole grain

Olive oil

Nuts and seeds



Fish oil



Fish oil reduces stiffness, swelling, discomfort, etc. These fatty acids increase blood flow throughout the body when you're working. And it helps to reduce your pain.