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A Mass gainer is a popular supplement worldwide. Many types are available in the market.

Further, there are many types, like pros, beginners, advanced levels, etc. But can you ever imagine what is inside a mass gainer? So I tell you everything about it.

It contains a high amount of servings, around 1200 to 1300 per day. You must consume this serving before and after your workout.

This is nothing but carbs. You are giving money for bad carbs. Because of this, carbs are present in your kitchen, like white bread, white rice, white pasta, etc.

Moreover, you can make mass gainers at home. You have everything at your home. But you see ads on the TV and think this gainer is the best. I tell you, no gainer in this world who is the best.

But they are good in taste, so it has some benefits as your strength increases. If you are taking high calories, then it’s normal for your body. It has more power and lifts heavy weights. However, if you see the overall results, it is not good for your body. You can achieve a big body, but that is not stable.

Mass Gainer Benefits

Weight Gain:

If you are skinny, you can gain weight very easily. For example, if you eat 2000 calories a day, you need only 1000 calories per day to maintain your weight, and you can add this supplement to your diet.

You can take it before and after your workout, but it is not necessary. If you are using whey protein, you can take it after your workout, and you can take mass gainer at night.

Moreover, you can add a mass gainer to any fruit juice. But if it is already flavored, then you do not need any juice for it. You can simply take it with water.

Strength Increased:

There are many types of mass gainers, and the nutritional values vary according to the type.

For example, if you buy a pro-level gainer, you can see it has creatine and many other ingredients, like BCAA, glutamine, etc. But if you take a low-quality mass gainer, you only buy carbs.

They increase your calories and cause you to gain weight. But you cannot take them if you are not working because they increase your body fat. So, more calories convert into fat, not muscle.

Size Gain:

It helps to gain body size because you are lifting heavy weights and training your fast-twitch muscles.

But if you are using low weight, then you do not gain muscle size. But you do gain belly fat because you are not using all the calories that you intake from the gainer.

So, it is bad when you are doing lightweight training. But you will surely gain size in a few days.

Mass Gainer Side Effects

High Calories:

You know that it has very high calories, which are responsible for your weight gain. If you are a beginner, then it is not safe for you.

Because high calories damage your internal organs, after a few days, you will see a lot of pimples in your body. It also increases your normal body temperature.

On the other hand, high calories are not bad for you because if you are an advanced-level athlete, your body needs more calories. The problem occurs when you are not burning your calories.

If you save 1000 calories daily, you may gain a lot of weight. These are not healthy gains; you will look fat.


This is a very common side effect, but it causes a lot of acne on your back. After some time, you can see you have a lot of acne on your body.

You do not easily get rid of it. This is happening because you are taking in high calories and are not able to burn them. The body releases heat in the form of acne.

Belly Fat:

Most people think that when they overdose on mass gainers, they get bigger in a few days. But this is not true.

Further, when you eat a large amount, your body stores excess calories as fat. The body never converts calories into muscle mass.


It has a big two-scoop that you take before and after your workout. At this time, you feel bloated.

Liver Damage:

When you are using Gainer, it badly hurts your liver because you are giving high calories at one time.

It produces more energy in your liver, and if you are taking it for the first time, you may feel feverish.

Who Can Take It

There are two types of people: beginners and advanced. When an advanced athlete uses this supplement, they convert it into muscle mass.

They have very intense training in the gym, and there are no side effects on their bodies. They do not save their calories.

When you are a beginner, your workout is not intense, but you are taking in high calories, which also increases your daily calories.

Everyone takes this supplement, but you need to understand how to use it and maintain your daily calories.

Best Gainer:

If you are searching for the best gainer, you are wrong. All gainers are the same, but they vary in serving values.

All are contained carbs, that’s it. You can use many foods that are the source of carbs. But they are complex carbs.

You can use brown bread, sweet potato, banana, oats, etc. These are the best foods for weight loss, and you can save money.

And most importantly, this gainer is natural. You can take a banana shake after your workout. You can also add some almonds and nuts, which give you healthy fat. And you can gain weight easily.

Timing of Gainer:

It depends on person to person. Some people take it before and after the workout. If you consume in the morning, you feel the energy all day.

And no worry about your calorie intake. Because of your body's deficit in nutrition. And you need all the nutrition for your body.

If you are taking one serving in the morning, it is the best time for you. And the second serving you should take after your workout.

Your body also needs protein and other nutrition at this time, so you can take bad carbs after your workout.

Because they digest quickly, you can eat anything after your workout, and they digest everything. I am not saying that you can eat fast food after your workout.

So you must use your carb food instead of a gainer. Never listen to anybody. Research everything about it, and then you can decide what to do.