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Milk is a white color liquid. It contains protein and fat, which are 8 and 9 grams. Moreover, it gives you calcium, potassium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, B2, etc.

Further, milk is lower in calories. So it is strong your bones. Everyone needs milk in his or her childhood and adulthood.

So when you get elder, its amount decreases day by day because of your body's consumption and other health issues. There are many types of elder, such as whole, raw, flavored, lactose-free, organic, etc.

Benefits of Milk On The Body

Strong Bone Health:

Firstly, milk is good for bone health because it contains a high amount of calcium and nutrients. One glass for adults is the best for a healthy life.

Source of Protein:

It is a good source of protein. One packet of milk contains eight grams of protein. Two types of protein are found in it: casein and whey protein.

Moreover, casein protein slows, releasing a protein you can take at night. And whey protein is a normal protein you can take after your workout.

Weight Gaining:

Further, you can use milk for weight gain. It contains 140 calories in 500 grams of a packet, which is enough for your body to surplus your overall calories.

It depends on your fat percentage. If you consume low-fat milk, then you prevent weight gain.

Side Effects of Milk

It has many side effects. When you are taking high-fat milk then, it gives you a lot of fat.

Moreover, it increases your cholesterol level.

The main side effect is that it increases the chances of prostate cancer.

Lactose Intolerance:

This is a very common disease. It means that when a person drinks or eats dairy products, they can not digest them. So first, you take a little bit, and then after an hour, you can drink the whole amount.


If you are a child, you drink a lot of milk because your bones are developing, and it consumes all your calcium.

Further, if you are an adult, your calcium needs are 1000 to 1100 mg per day. This is good enough for your body. If you drink a lot of milk, your calcium intake will increase.

So you have a problem with kidney stones. When calcium builds up in your stomach, it can cause many problems.