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Both bodyweight and weight training are the best. It depends on you which you are more comfortable with. Further, body weight gives you a very strong core.

Because every exercise includes your core, for example, if you are doing push-ups, you add several exercises to it.

Like Hindu push-ups, there are many types. But you can feel you are training your whole body muscles, so your core is stronger than your other muscles.

But you can not hit your high twitch muscle. And you can not increase your muscle size like in weight training.

But you can lose weight and gain weight with both techniques. In gym training, you hit your high twitch muscle and get a bigger size of your muscle.

Moreover, you need more calories in the gym, but weight training is easy. Everyone can do it. Further, if you ask some people for push-ups, then most people can not perform them. It is very hard for everyone.

So, bodyweight and weight training are not the same. They both are important. But it varies from person to person.

Some people cannot perform body workouts but are best at weight training.

Bodyweight vs Weight Training Benefits

Strong Core:

When you do a daily bodyweight workout, you have a strong core and very clear abs muscles.

But it depends on your body fat percentage. If you do a jumping squat, you train your entire body.

But in this, your core is more included and other muscles less included. For example, when you are doing burpees. This is the best exercise for your body.

It increases your stamina and work performance. You can also reduce your body fat without weight. But you have one factor, that is your diet. So, control your diet to achieve your fitness goal at home.


Further, your overall body will be stronger day by day because body workouts are compound exercises.

So many muscles work together. This strength is not lifting heavy weights; it is your body's workout strength. And it prevents you from injury.


You can see many people have a problem in that one hand has more power than the other. You can fix this issue by doing push-ups and pull-ups.

You use equal power in the exercise. But in weight training, you lift a heavyweight, and then you use unequal strength and some supporter power.

Intense Workout:

This is a very hard workout. You can do it for only 20 minutes a day and see amazing results. It is not for everyone.

If you wish, you can do this. But you need a lot of power for a body workout. It seems very easy, but when you do it, you know the importance of it.

If you can not understand, then I give you one exercise, which is a diamond push-up.

Weight Training Benefits

Improve Strength:

Both techniques increase strength, but they are different. Further, they give you more definitions than others. You are training your muscles from different angles.

But with bodyweight training, you are not training your muscles from different angles. We can have limited angles in this training.

You train one muscle rather than more muscles, but you can focus more on one muscle. It gives you a high definition of your muscles.

Fast Results:

In this, you can achieve fast results because you are putting more tension on your one muscle. And that muscle grows fast.

When you focus on more muscles, the pressure of tension divides into many parts. You feel all muscles are pumped, but they are pumped but not dead.

When you train two times a week and rest for 48 hours, your muscles recover at this time. But in others, when you perform exercise, they include your majority of muscle in the exercise.

So, rest time for muscles is low. And they grow but slowly. Because you give tension every day.

Bigger Size:

When you are using a heavyweight, you hit your fast-twitch muscle. And Your muscles became bigger.

In the low weight range, we hit our low twitch muscle. It grows when you are hit min 20 reps. But high muscle-twitch activates on 8 reps.

Burn More Calories:

This training burns more calories than other training, as you are not able to do a 2-hour daily body workout.

Some people can do this. In this training, we can perform 3-4 hours daily. The reason is that you have a lot of choices in the gym, but body workouts have few choices.


There are many exercises for training, such as air squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, abs, burpees, and jumping jacks. You can train your muscles with these exercises at home. You do not think that these are only exercises.

There is a lot of exercise on the internet. But these exercises are well-known, and everyone knows his posture.

You should never try new exercises on your own. But if you have a personal trainer, you can try them.

There are many exercises in the gym, as you know. I suggest important exercises like bench presses, back squats, deadlifts, etc.

The other factor in your training is rest. Resting between sets is very important, but no one takes it seriously.

For example, you also see many people when they are doing an abs workout; the first set is complete with full efficiency. And then they increase their rest.

And doing another set. Moreover, the tension that you increase in your abs muscles decreases. After one month, you will see no results. That is the reason you do not have abs.

Best Time For Exercise

I hear this question from my clients. So listen, there is no best time for training. You can train your muscles at any time.

But if you do the workout in the evening, you will have more energy because you eat a lot of meals.

You have only one meal in the morning. But if you think about muscle building, then both times are the best. When I don't have time in the morning, I go to the gym in the afternoon.

But I try all the timing, and there are no side effects. So, you should focus more on your muscle contraction, control your weight, and track your diet.