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Water is a colorless and tasteless substance. And it contains nothing like calories, fat, protein, fiber, sugar, carbohydrates, etc.

Further, it contains a small amount of sodium. On Earth, there is nothing to drink. Moreover, only some amount is best for use. But it is essential for us. Our bodies need more water all day. We never live without it.

Importance of Water In Our Body

It does many things in our bodies:

  1. First, mucus and saliva are in our body.

  2. It hydrates our body. Further, it controls our body heat. Moreover, this boosts our skin and maintains its moisture.

According to the experiment, those people who drink more water than their body flushes waste in the form of sweat.

These are toxic substances that come out in the form of sweat. But those people who do not drink plenty of water harm their liver, kidneys, heart, etc.

It is the lubricant in our joints. Water forms a lubricant responsible for joint movement. If your joints have low lubricant, you may experience problems such as knee pain or back pain.

Our brain is a major part of water. Moreover, if there is a deficiency of water in your body, then your brain does not work properly. You need to leave the tissue of your body.

So this is control of your blood sugar and cholesterol level. And prevent heart stroke.

Side Effects

Excess water in our bodies causes diseases. When there is a lot of water in the body, vomiting, cramps, and a lower level of sodium are symptoms.

According to research, if we consume a lot, we flush out many macronutrients from our bodies. Our bodies can not hold these macronutrients for all day.

If you drink more and go to the washroom more, your body has nothing to hold. So an excess of anything is bad for our health.


The daily recommendation is three to four liters. You can drink more, but it depends on your diet, such as if you take creatine and many protein supplements.

And you take a lot of chicken and many eggs, then you can drink more. So it depends on person to person.