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Winstrol is an Anabolic steroid. Further, it is a synthetic steroid. Many people use this steroid for muscle mass.

Moreover, it is a brand name that is Winstrol. But in the market, there are a lot of steroids present. But Stanozolol is a brand of Winstrol that is used for muscle mass and many more.

I see many people are confused about Winstrol. Because they think Winstrol for gaining. But it is not true. Further, it is for cutting your body fat percentage.

For example, if you have a lot of fat like 40%. Then it does not give you a fast result. So if you have 15% body fat then you can take it. Moreover, it shreds your body fat by around 12%. You can achieve this result if your diet is very strong. Rather than you did not get amazing results.

But it is not a safe drug. Before you take it, you must consult with your doctor. I suggest to everyone if your trainer forces you to take this drug.

Then, refuse them. Because they only want money from your pocket. But every pair of trainers is not bad. So, if you have Google, then you must know about drugs.

Winstrol Dosage for Bodybuilding And Benefits

Get Stronger:

When you take it then you can see amazing results in one week. You lift more weight than regular. Because it increases your muscle mass in your body.

In an experiment, when people take Winstrol for one month, they become stronger than normal people. It is a benefit of not gaining weight because it reduces your fat and makes new muscles in your body.

Further, it works when your diet is high in protein. Never depends on any drug. But you must regular your diet with it.

Increase Muscle Mass:

You get stronger day by day. Because it increases muscle mass, you can feel more energy. All your peak reps are your normal reps.

And you can easily do more reps. After your workout, you are full of energy. You think you can do one more exercise after your hard workout.

Muscle Definition:

This is the work of it. When you see your muscles are covered by water and fat. You can not see your muscles. By using it, you can see your muscles very easily because your body fat percentage is reduced.

Your upper skin is very light. Many people do have not light skin their skin holds water under it. And this is the biggest reason they do not have a clear definition.

Recover Fast:

It increases your muscle recovery very fast. Then you have not tired. If you have properly relaxed your muscles then you can increase your muscle growth. When you recover your muscle within one day then you can also increase your workout.

And you did not have any problem regarding recovery. So this is a very important factor in bodybuilding. Because without recovery of your muscle, you can not perform well.

Winstrol Side Effects In Bodybuilding


This is a common side effect of Winstrol. After taking this you can see many red pimples are grown on your body. They did not leave very easily.

After some time they go and leave pimple black marks on your body. The main place of acne is on your back. Here you need to use bathing with Dettol.

Whenever you sweat, change your clothes because it aggravates your acne. If you have a lot of acne, consult with your doctor and do not use home remedies.


You feel your stomach is full. But it depends on your steroid. If you are taking it orally, then it badly affects your organs.

The main reason for this side effect is your dosage. But it is not sure what is happening in your liver. Maybe you can not digest your steroid. If this happens to you every day, then you must stop taking it. And consult with your doctor.

Sexual Desire:

It changes your whole body. If you inject steroids into your body. It gives you many bad effects because it attacks your mind and heart directly.

If your heart is not strong, then you may have a heart attack. And it affects your mood mostly. It decreases your sexual thoughts.


You can see your ankles have swelling. This is because you doing work with your body out of its capacity. And sometimes it is an issue with your bones. When your bones are not strong then it may happen.

Sleeping Problem:

At night you can not sleep. Because it increases your blood flow and high heartbeat. Then you feel your heart working very fast. This is because when you overdosage of Winstrol. Further, consult with a doctor.


This depends on person to person. But if you are using a tablet, then you can take 40-80mg of it per day. If you exceed this amount, then you may have a heart attack.

Further, if you are using injection, then you can use 50-90mg per day. Moreover, you never increase the dosage of Winstrol to 400mg.

This is a weekly amount that you can take. So when an athlete takes this drug then his body fat percentage decreases. So they also reduce the amount of Winstrol. You can also know your body fat then you must reduce your intake.

Can You Need PCT:

Yes, you need PCT. It means post-cycle therapy. When your Winstrol cycle is completed, you need this because your body does not produce natural testosterone.

And again your body produces its testosterone then the doctor gives you medicine. This depends on person to person. Some of the people take PCT with their running cycle.

But it is a personal experience. PCT will give you the last four weeks. You can say when you inject steroids into your body. And this is the time to flush out all steroids from your body.


After discussing all the points, you can see all the results. If you have a serious goal, then you can take it. But before you must check-up your organs.

If you have heart disease then you do not take it. Winstrol cycle about 4-6 weeks. Whenever you buy this you never check the price of steroids. But you must check if it is original or not. If you do not know then check it with your doctor.

And people see the video on YouTube. And take it own. Do not do this because you are a beginner, not an advanced bodybuilder. But here no matter what you see many bodybuilders dead by overdosage by own. So be smart and take it from professionals.

So I suggest that take it seriously and do not make fun of it. If you do that then it makes fun of your life. And never trust any news on the internet.

These are only information. It is your job to check whether this information is right or not. So before applying this, consult with your doctor.