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No matter how many times you train your biceps. At last, you see in the mirror and you are never satisfied indirectly your biceps aren’t growing. Here I am giving you some tips to fix this problem.

The bicep does not grow when overweight:

Most people lift heavy weights. They did not focus on the form. But form is important, not weight.

They think when we lift heavy then the size of the bicep increases. So it is not true. They do this for people's attention. and lift with ego.

Here you focus on the contraction of bicep muscles. You can take a 5 kg dumbbell and do 20 reps and contract muscles. And perform 4 sets with high repetition.

Examples are the barbell curl, hammer curl, and Inclined dumbbell.


When you train your bicep 4 times a week, it does not take proper rest. When your muscles are not prepared for the next workout, then you can train them; that is called overtraining.

This is a myth to train your muscles every day. These techniques kill your gains.

Make sure you take a 48-hour rest between your workout sessions for the same muscle. So train your muscles twice a week with proper rest.

Here We Discuss How to Fix This

Increase variation in an arc:

It means when you perform bicep exercise then you must increase your elbow angle that is away from your back major lats.

Then you can feel more tension on your bicep and when you takedown in the same position you feel a gravity force on your biceps. In this, you feel fatigued early within your bicep muscle.

Example- Take two dumbbells and set position, then perform alternatively.

Increase intensity

Here, you can take a weight amount, and you can perform only 6-7 reps. If you can’t perform well, then you can decrease this weight. Make sure your position is still movement-free.

Only three sets you can perform with 12 reps. In the last, you can decrease your rep by 12,10,8, and you can see an amazing pump in your bicep.

For example, a barbell curl is the best exercise for heavy lifting. Make sure you feel your bicep muscle does not focus on completing set reps.


Stop doing these exercises

Over Train

Over Weight

Start doing these exercises

Train twice a week

Increase arc

Increase intensity

Control movement

At the end focus on these five things then you see your bicep size is growing. After one month you can change your regular exercise and add some new exercise in your workout. Then you got some amazing results.