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The shoulder has many muscles, such as the front, lateral, posterior, etc. Further, we have a trapezius muscle that is part of our back.

These are the main parts of your shoulder. If you are training these, you hit all your shoulder muscles. Everyone is stuck on an old routine: 3 sets and 12 reps. This is a very old technique.

When you are a child, you also use this technique. So, add some variation to your workout, and you will have amazing benefits.

On the other hand, you are performing the same exercises for the whole year. When your body goes through exercises, you need to change your exercises.

I am not saying that you should avoid old exercises. But you must add some negative, partial supersets to your workout.

Further, when you add these sets during your workout, your body increases the growth of your muscles.

Another point is that you need to control these exercises when you perform them. I have many clients who make the same mistakes repeatedly. So think about this when you work out on your own.

Then how many mistakes have you made? Moreover, you need to take control of your exercise. When you are out of control, you do not train your muscles; you are using your whole body.

So, only the shoulder press is a heavy exercise. If you are doing rear and front presses with heavyweights, then these muscles are not growing because you are using your back and tri muscles to lift your heavyweight. Further, you need to use light weights for these muscles.

Best Shoulder Exercises

There are a lot of exercises, but today I am telling you only the best exercises.

Barbell Overhead:

This is the best exercise, but many prefer a dumbbell over a barbell. Moreover, you lose your balance when you train your shoulder with a dumbbell.

Especially when you are a beginner, the barbell trains your overall shoulder muscles. Further, it gives you a big size and trains your tricep and trapezius muscles. So, add an overhead barbell to your workout for a bigger shoulder.

Front Raises:

It is your interior shoulder or front muscle. You can add plate twists, alternative raises, etc., to the front raises.

When you perform these, you should have a negative rep. It is nothing, but when you complete a full range of motion and come back slowly, that is a negative rep.

Farmer Walk:

In this, you need to hold a dumbbell and leave it, then walk for 30 seconds. It stretches your shoulders and arms. You can feel your triceps and shrugs while walking, so this gives you a huge gain with your arms.

Rear Delt:

This is your posterior muscle. The best exercises for it are reading, dealing with dumbbells, and face pulling.

But it is a lightweight exercise. Further, when you perform these, you should contract your muscles. You can take a high rep for this exercise.

Shoulder Shrugs:

You can perform this exercise with a heavyweight. Take a barbell and add weight according to your capacity.

Then, lift the weight and hold for a few seconds, and then stretch down. You can do this with a dumbbell, but I suggest that you do it with a barbell.

Best Shoulder Exercises Benefits

When you perform these exercises, you are not building your shoulder. But you can strengthen your upper body. If you can manage your workout, you must train your muscles twice weekly.

Your strength also increases daily. Because your arms and shoulders get stronger, this helps you in the bench press. On the bench, press the shoulder, and your arms are the main muscles.

When your shoulders are broader, you look better. This changes your whole physique. For example, if you have a well-defined chest and arms but do not have shoulders, what do you look like? So, this is a very important muscle in bodybuilding.

Add More Sets:

When performing your regular sets, you take lightweight, then do its rep till failure.

This technique can be added after one exercise. For example, if you are doing a dumbbell press, then after your workout, hit the highest reps.

Another one is when you complete your range of motion, slow down your motion. When you return to your starting point, you need to stretch your muscles. These types of sets are negative sets. If you have capacity, you can perform after every set.

One more technique is partial reps, which are half of your full range of motion. You can perform these sets during your workout, but you need to hit high reps. Further, you can not do it with regular weight; you can use heavyweight.


Diet is the main component of muscle building. If you are not doing a proper workout, then you are not eating properly.

Then, you can not gain your shoulder muscle. This applies to all your body muscles. If you are experiencing a calorie deficit, you clean your body definition.

For example, when you eat good-quality protein, your muscles also become good-quality. But when you eat bad-fat food, you have a lot of fat around your stomach.

When you don't provide enough good food, your body eats muscle, and you lose muscle during every workout. Exercise and diet are equal.

When you eat the wrong food, it impacts your workout. For example, if you eat junk food the whole day and have your workout in the evening, you do not have enough energy for weight lifting.

Ultimately, following these techniques, you must adopt a good diet and work out. If you do not follow these instructions, you will have no results, and it may take a long time to get results.