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Many foods clean your liver. Further, the liver helps to break your food into small things. And it filters our blood.

Moreover, when we are consuming alcohol, deep-fried food, drugs, etc. Then your liver does not work properly. So you face many health problems.

For example, if you are consuming a high quantity of alcohol then you may face stomach pain, stomach upset, vomiting, etc.

Sometimes we consume the wrong foods in our diet then we can face some difficulties. But these are some normal cases.

If you are eating garlic, avocado, apple, walnuts, vegetables, lemons, carrots, green tea, etc. These are easily available foods at your home. Further, if you add only green tea and lemon then you can easily detox your liver.

One of the best ways is warm water. If you drink warm water empty stomach then you can lose weight and it detoxes your body.

These Foods Can Clean The Liver Naturally

Green Tea:

It is the best source of energy. And it contains antioxidant properties. Moreover, it contains catechins that are responsible for improving liver functions.

Further, it makes your immune system strong. Not only this, you have a healthy heart. And When you start taking green tea then you can lose your body weight.

But you did not drink green tea at bedtime. Because it contains caffeine. So you must take it in the morning for good results.

Citrus Fruits:

The best example of citrus fruit is lemon. This is the best and cheapest method to clean your liver.

Moreover, you can take it twice a week. If you are taking a high quantity of citrus fruits then it destroys your enamel. Enamel is the hardest thing in our body.

So take it in a limited amount then you can easily clean your liver. For example, take a lemon and one glass of warm water. Then you can drink it.

On the other hand, if you want to take it with honey then you can take it also. This method gives you two benefits. Firstly, you can lose body weight, and secondly, you can detox your body.


It is a good antioxidant and helps to improve your liver function. Further, it helps enzymes to flush out toxins from your body.

Moreover, if you drink water then you can also benefit from it. Before taking it you must check allergies. Because most people do not take it raw.

Firstly, you must take it with a small amount. Then after some time, you can take your full servings of turmeric.


You can eat any vegetable to clean your liver. For example, if you take cucumber then it keeps your liver healthy.

On the other side, if you are taking broccoli and cauliflower then it helps a lot. Because it contains glucosinate. This produces enzymes that detox your liver.

Moreover, if you are consuming cooked vegetables then you do not get any nutrition.

On the contrary, if you are taking vegetables after steaming then you can get all the nutrition.

Avoid These Foods For Best Results

Junk Food:

If you are eating junk food daily then you can have a healthy liver. For example, when you start eating junk food then you are damaging your liver.

Further, your liver does not produce enough enzymes for detoxing. Moreover, you gain bad fat that raises disease levels in your body.

Not only this, junk food increases high fat near your liver. Then after some time, you can feel pain. Then this pain increases day by day. After that, you have a serious disease.

So avoid junk food. If you are not eating junk food then you do not need to detox your liver. but when you are consuming junk food then there is no means of detoxing your liver.

Avoid Alcohol:

When you drink alcohol then it builds fat and inflammation around your liver. Further, when you are drinking a lot of alcohol then your liver does not work normally.

On the other side, when you give toxins regularly then your liver works abnormally. And all the time you feel your stomach is not fine.

Alcohol contains some dangerous chemicals that are converted into toxic substances. These are drives to high-level cancer.

So you must control your alcohol intake. For example, if you are not able to control your drinking habit then you can take on alternative days.

After some time you can increase your drinking gap and so on.

Change your daily routine

Liver health depends on your daily routine. For example when you are eating full day and sitting all day then you may face many health issues.

On the other hand, if you are doing a physical workout then you can easily flush out the toxin from your body. In this case, your body flushes out the toxin in the form of sweat.

And if you are not able to do an intense physical workout then you can walk around 10-15 minutes per day.

Here the most important factor is water. You need to drink a high amount of water daily.

On the contrary, if you are not drinking enough water then you have low sweat in the gym.

On the other side, if you are eating only a clean diet then you can also detox your liver. For example, there are a lot of people who are not consuming bad fat and bad foods in their diet.

So they do not need to detox their liver. On the contrary, if people are using steroids then they must do post-cycle therapy. It is also work that flushes toxins from your body.

Moreover, if you are doing a workout six days a week and eating a clean diet then you can not detoxify. But we can increase the performance of our liver by adding lemon water twice a week.