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There are many types of weight gain. But in gaining you gain water weight, fats, muscles, and so on.

Sources for weight gain



Brown rice


olive oil





Red meat and so on.

When you start eating these things then you gain weight but not muscles.

For example when you eat a potato with curd then you gain a lot of weight. Another example is drinking banana shakes after your workout.

Gain Weight With Nutrition

When you eat a proper diet then you start gaining but here if want muscles then lift heavyweight. Then you gain weight as well as muscles.

And all your workout days make sure you are in a calorie surplus. It means you take 500 more calories than your daily recommendation. So you can take a high protein diet.

But if you are on pro-level then you add some additional supplements. Because it gives you more energy. So you left more weight and became more powerful.

Because protein supplement gives you instant energy and digest easily. So you can use more supplements to increase your performance.

Example- Whey protein, you can buy any brand. Because protein is protein there is no issue.

Heavy exercise

When you take a high protein diet then you must do hard work. Because if you store your energy then it makes you ill and bloated. So you can do a 5-6 day workout and one day rest.

Maintain Your Diet On Rest Days

On rest day you decrease your refined carbs like white rice, white bread, and so on. Because your body stores fats.

But make sure you can eat a high-protein diet that helps you maintain your body energy. At last, you can eat healthy fats like nuts, cheese, whole eggs, fatty fish, and so on.

Drink plenty of water

And the main point is you drink at least 4-5 ltr water per day.