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Abdominal muscles are essential in our body. If we are not trained abs then we can have many health injuries.

Further, a strong core increases your deadlift, squat, bench press, etc. So, you must train your core muscles.

Moreover, many people want abs so they train for abs daily and in high quantities. It is wrong.

On the other hand, when you train your abs muscles daily, they have no time for recovery. For example, if you train bicep muscles, can you train them daily? No, you can't.

So give rest to your abdominal muscles as you give to other body parts, and you can get abs. On the other hand, when you start abs exercise then you should know about your body fat percentage.

I see many people who have a high fat percentage, they also train abs 2-3 times a week which is not right. Firstly, you need to burn your fat. If you have a normal fat percentage, then you can share it.

But if you have 25% fat, then it is not good for you. You are wasting your time.

Change Daily Routine

Here, you can change your daily life. For example, people do not get a night's sleep. They sleep in the day. That is not good for you.

If you do not sleep at night, then your body does not produce important hormones that are good for your heart, eyes, brain, muscles, etc. Further, your body does not recover your muscles, and they take a lot of time, as usual.

On the other hand, your brain does not work properly because the brain does not produce enough amount of hormones. When your brain is not working well then how you can make the muscle-mind connection? So it directly impacts your whole body.

Moreover, you must get 6-7 hours of deep sleep at night, which is very healthy for your whole body.

Eat High-Quality Food:

If you want abs, then you need to control your diet. If you want to make abs at home with equipment, this is the key.

Further, you must take a high protein diet in every meal. Here you need to cut refined carbs that are not good for you.

On the other hand, you should not stop eating carbs but reduce the number of carbs in your meals. And after your morning walks and running then you do not take simple carbs.

On the contrary, if you are eating simple carbs after your workout then you can not get abs, here you can gain weight. So you can take protein supplements, but if you are not using supplements, then you can take eggs.

But if you are a vegetable then you can take sprouts, lentils, almonds, etc. And take it in a small amount because you need to divide meals 6 times.

On the other side, In every meal you must maintain macros that are carbs, protein, fat, and ratio. Because carbs and fat give you energy for a workout.

Most important you must use complex carbs in your diet in a small amount. Because complex carbs help to reduce your unhealthy weight.

Add Physical Workout

You can get abs at home without gym equipment. Several bodyweight exercises burn your body fat at home. For example, these are some very powerful exercises.

Hollow plank. (for 30 sec)

Plank side-to-side feet, jump, and tuck. (for 30 sec)

Bicycle crunch. (for 60 sec)

Rolling plank. (for 30 sec)

Heel touch. (for 30 sec)

Side plank crunch. (for 30 sec)

Legs-together hip thrust. (for 30 sec)

Press-up kick-out. (for 30 sec)

Burpees. (for 50 sec)

These are some exercises that you can add to your workout. On the other hand, first, you need to warm up your body, then start doing some cardio. After that, you can add these exercises.

Further, you should add running to your workout. For example, you can add 15 minutes of running and then add these exercises. After that, you can make a circuit of all these exercises.

On the other hand, if you are not able to do these exercises, you can do some basic exercises like running, burpees, planks, push-ups, etc. After some time, when you think your body can do these, add them to your workout.

So these are all bodyweight workouts, and you can do them on alternative days, not daily. You can do one day on and two days off, but rest is a must.

Control Calories

When you are on calorie surplus then you can never get abs. For example, your body needs 2000 calories daily. Then you are taking 2000 for daily recommendation and taking 200 more then your total calories is 2200 which is calorie surplus.

2000+200=2200 surplus

Further, here you need to take at least 1800 calories for fat loss. When you are taking low calories as compared to recommended then you are in a calorie deficit.

2000-200=1800 deficit

So you need to manage your calories. When you intake calories, you must know that they come from quality food.

For example, if you are eating simple carbs then you get bad calories. Here you can replace it with complex carbs like brown bread, sweet potato, whole grain, etc.

Avoid Bad Food

You must avoid bad food in your diet. For example, if you are eating junk food, oily food, high-fat food, etc. They are not good for your goals and health either.

Further, if you think I am just eating only weekly basis then you are doing wrong. Moreover, when you give a shock to your body then the body produces results.

If you are not serious about your diet then you can not achieve your fitness goal. You need to control for at least one month then you can see amazing results. After one month you can cheat weekly.

But it depends from person to person. If you have a high-fat percentage, then you must control your diet for three months.