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Here we discuss how to get rid of man boobs in a week. First of all, we never lose fat from a particular area of the body that is called spot reduction.

You can do exercise like swimming, jogging, cycling, walking, etc. These exercises lose fat from your whole body and you will be slim.

Get Rid of Men's Boobs With A Barbell

Lift the bar and hold it on your chest. Then breathe in as you lower the bar. and after release breathe when you push the bar. It trains your whole chest muscle.

As well as your shoulder, and tricep muscles. But this does not reduce your man boobs. Because bench press only impacts your muscle, not body fat.

Chest fly

Chest fly includes pectoralis major muscles. When you move your arms horizontally forward. It builds strength in your chest, shoulder, arms, etc.

In starting you should take lightweight and do high reps. But when your muscles develop then you can take heavyweight. Make sure all your movements are in control. Most people take more weight and they do not hit chest muscles properly.


Sprint is a high-intensity workout. You can get rid of man boobs with this exercise. Only 3 times you can perform a sprint.

It is a complete body workout, targeting the butt, hips, hamstring, quads, calves, abs, etc. And many professionals include sprints in their workouts. So it reduces your overall body fat.

Avoid Bad Carbs to Get of Man Boobs

It happens with men who eat a lot of junk food like fried things. Then your body reduces the production of testosterone and increases estrogen in your body which causes man boobs.

So if you want to get rid of this problem then maintain a clean diet.

High protein

High protein gives your body energy. When you are on low carbs. But you can add a complex carb to your diet. Because it takes a lot of time to digest.

On the contrary, refined carbs spike your sugar level rapidly. Like oats, brown rice, brown sugar, etc. High protein meals like chicken with salad, egg with milk, nuts, supplements, etc.

Check Medical Condition

There is a disease whose name is gynecomastia. If your man boobs discomfort and checks there are any lumps. Swelling, discharge, and pain in your man boobs.

If you have any symptoms in your body then these exercises never reduce man boobs. Then you have a medical condition. Do not worry if you consult a doctor then he will give you medicine and you will be normal.

So sprint, chest fly, and barbell bench press give you a proper definition of your chest. Make sure you follow your diet. Do not take refined carbs, replace them with complex carbs. Eat a lot of veggies.