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Your biceps are grown from your diet. If your diet is high in carbs and protein then it gains bigger your size. So your first step is to eat a big meal. These meals you can take in every 2 hours.

What to eat for big biceps

When you are getting bigger then eat only quality food. Most people make the same mistake when someone tells them to diet. They eat junk food in large amounts.

So they think they are taking a high amount of calories. But they do not think that gain is not healthy because that gives you bad fat. Who stores your different body parts? Like chest, love handles, hips, face fat, and so on.

How To Exercise To Grow Big Biceps

You want to do a high-volume workout that increases your muscle mass. In heavyweight, you must use the compound exercise.

Compound exercise like an Olympic barbell. So you can train most of the muscle. You should avoid curls because it kills your gain.

Repeating Same Exercise

Most people follow the same exercise for years. They never give any shock to their muscles. So when they train their cell it not grow. This is why your biceps are not grown.

So you should train your body from different angles. This gives you variation in your workout. When you follow this strategy, you will feel that your bicep grows.

Add Stretching

This is the most important thing I have ever used. Most people do not do stretching. That’s one more reason not to grow your size. So after your workout is complete, you must do the stretching.

When you use this technique, you increase your muscle size and extend it like a rubber.

In the end, when you perform a bicep exercise, make sure your body does not move. You still make a full range of motion. And use negative reps as well.