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Upper body strength is gained with compound exercise. In the compound exercise, you train one or many muscles at one time. You can lift heavy weights because many muscles work together.

Here we discuss 6 exercises for strength-

Bench press

This exercise builds your overall chest muscles. When you do chest press then it includes shoulder muscles, tricep, back muscles, and many more.

If you want to increase your bench press then it depends on your tricep, shoulder, and back muscles. So the leg also provides some force from the ground. Another way to build strength is to do push-ups. It also increases your strength.

Weighted dips

It also helps to build tricep, shoulder, and chest muscles. It fully stretches all three muscles. If it performs in control form then you get amazing results.

You must start from zero and complete it on one. Make a cycle of this do not use momentum.


It is the most important exercise to gain strength. Because it helps to strengthen your bones. This exercise is very effective And it is very dangerous for beginners.

If you teach its technique then you can be left heavyweight in your workout. Make sure you should warm up before performing a deadlift. Because it gives a shock to your body.

Shoulder press

Shoulder press helps to build your overall shoulder muscles. Like rear delt, side, mid, front, etc. You can focus on these muscles but in this, a muscle named trapeze is part of the shoulder as well as the back.

Its muscles are interconnected with each other. So one of these muscle get stronger then it makes an impact on your other muscles like the chest and so on.


You can include it in your workout. So You can use a close grip, wide grip, reverse grip, hammer grip, etc.

In this, you hit lats muscles, trapeze muscles, biceps, forearms, etc. So you should include a variety of pull-ups.

Snatch and Clean Workout For Upper Body Strength

These exercises increase your power and burn your body fat. In this, It has many varieties like clean, clean, and jerk, power clean, and power snatch.

Most people do not know about the importance of these exercises. So you can do it twice a week but make sure these days you can not train your other muscles.


In the end, I suggest that you perform 3 muscles exercise one and after 3 days you can repeat. But on other days, you can do isolation exercises.

Because Isolation exercises recover from your injury. When you are using a particular muscle and no movement is included in it then we can call isolation.