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You can easily maintain body weight at home. Firstly, you have to track your daily calorie intake.

For example, if you are taking in a lot of calories, then you are not able to burn them, and then you may gain weight. Further, that body weight is not healthy.

On the other hand, if you are not taking too many calories then you can avoid weight gain. So you can maintain your body weight easily.

Moreover, you can go for a walk. You do not need any gym equipment. When you reduce your carbs intake in your diet, you can maintain body weight.

On the other hand, you can add complex carbs to your diet. These are not responsible for weight gain.

Because when you are eating complex carbs then your body takes time to digest and provides slow energy to your body. But when you are eating simple carb then your body instantly digests them and you are gaining weight.

If you can control your diet, then you can easily maintain body weight. But it is possible when you balance your macros.

Maintain Body Weight Without Exercise

High Protein:

In all meals, you need to add good-quality protein to your diet. High protein does not increase your body weight.

But you must increase your water intake. Because your body needs more water when you take high protein. If you can not drink more water then you may have kidney problems.

Low Fat:

There are many types of fats. Here, you can add only good fats to your diet, like egg yolk, nuts, avocado, etc.

Because good fat increases your testosterone level. On the other, when you are eating junk food, oily food, etc. Then you are gaining bad weight. And you have a lot of heart problems.


If you can add jogging to your daily routine then you can lose your body weight. And if you are not able to jog then you can use your stairs.

On the other, if you are active in homework then you do not need any jog.

Body Weight Workout:

At home, you can add push-ups, pull-ups, squats, etc. These exercises activate your muscles. And you can pump up your full body.

Here, you need to know about your calories. If you are deficient, you can lose weight, and if you are calorie surplus, then you may gain weight.

Increase Vegetables:

It is a very important step for maintaining weight. When you load your body with vegetables then your body does not increase weight.

Because these are low in calories. But more beneficial than carbs. So you can eat it raw and you can boil all veggies then add them to your diet. When you cook a vegetable then it loses all its nutritional value.

Here Are Some Other Steps

Light Meals:

There are a lot of people who eat big meals when they are on rest. When you are taking high-calorie meals at one time, then you can easily put on an unhealthy weight.

In the morning, you can eat a big meal but when you go to sleep then you must take a light meal. For example, you can add some salad and complex carbs. On the other hand, if you are adding chicken and oily food at night then it is not safe for you.

Avoid Mass Gainer:

Many people think that when they eat high calories, they save in the form of muscle. But it is not true. When you abuse calories, you gain unhealthy fat, not muscle.

So, if you are not active in any physical activity, you can not take mass gainers. These are nothing but bad carbs. You are wasting money on cheap carbs.

On the other hand, if you want to make a mass gainer then you can take a banana, milk, and one scoop of protein, then blend all these ingredients. This is a natural mass gainer, and it increases your weight, but it is not unhealthy for your body.

Decrease Salt:

When you are eating high salt then it also increases your body weight. But it is also bad for your kidneys.

Moreover, when you take it in a high amount daily, your body holds water under your skin, decreasing the visibility of your muscles. Not only this, but you may have high blood pressure. You can take only two and a half grams of salt per day, and it decreases the density of your bones.

Avoid Injury:

When you have not any injury then you can easily handle the weight. If you have any type of injury then you can not maintain your body weight.

Because you are taking a lot of painkillers and other medication, then your body is not able to work properly.

For example, when you have a broken leg. Then you can not able to walk for many weeks. In these weeks you are only eating.

So your body stores fat. And if you are eating chicken in your diet then you can gain weight. Further, after your injury, you can decrease your calories, and then you can lose your body weight.

Add Yoga:

It is the best exercise for your body. When you perform daily then you can feel the changes in your body. It gives a healthy body. Also increases the flexibility of your body. And increase the energy of your body.

On the other hand, if you have any type of injury then it is relief from pain. For example, if you have lower back pain and common pain. Without medication, you can recover from back pain. But it depends on your lower back injury.

So all the above steps help to maintain your body weight. If you ask me in one word then you must track your calories.

If you know that you need only 2000 calories then you can easily track your weight. But it does not mean that you can eat junk food and maintain calories. When you are eating bad calories then you gain bad fat and bad weight.