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This is the most serious problem which is how to maintain a body without a gym. There is no doubt you can maintain your body at home.

But it has also a limit to this. I am not saying that you should never go to after getting in shape. So sometimes we are not able to go to the gym.

Then you can do a home workout without any equipment. Like push-ups, squats, running, pull-ups, and so on.

So many workouts train your muscles.

Maintain Muscle With These Execsies

Maintain from Push-ups

It is a well-known exercise. Everyone knows about this but they never add in the workout. In this, you train your chest, triceps, shoulders, forearms, etc. It is a compound exercise. That includes one or more muscles at one time.

It is enough to pump up your upper body. So at home, you can perform 100 push-ups daily then you can see results. Your most affected muscle is the chest that grows and your bench press also increases.

Maintain from pull-ups

Pull-ups are trained on your back and shoulders, forearms, etc. If you want more results then you must hold your position at the top. And then you can release very slowly this is called negative rep.

In this exercise, your trapezius muscle is also trained. That is a part of your shrugs. In the end, at least 10 pull-ups are performed daily. If you are going to the gym or not.

Squat and Calves

Squats build your glutes which are the main part of your leg muscles. But as compared to other muscles of your body leg muscles are larger muscles in your body.

In this, there are many variations in squats like one-leg squats, jumping squats, etc. On the other hand, the leg's lower part is the calves.

Moreover, you can just train your calves by standing up-down motion and seated up-down motion. And also you can add lunges in your leg workout to complete the training of your legs.


Skipping the rope is the most effective exercise. It is a full-body workout. If you skip the rope 15 minutes daily then you do not need any other type of workout. It also burns your belly fat and healthy heart, strong stamina, etc.


Sprints are a form of cardio. It also helps to burn belly fat and form new muscles in your body. You can perform 2-3 times a week.

Do not overtrain your muscles because your body needs rest to repair the muscles. Then the body maintains muscle.


Diet is most important for our body. If you are going to the gym or not. If you are not taking enough protein then your muscle is not repaired then you lose your muscles.

And its effect on your body's overall strength. It depends on your fitness goal. If you are shredding fat then you cut your carb and add high protein.

If you are gaining then you have to take complex carbs and high protein.