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The most important thing is the carbs. When you maintain your carbs in your diet then you get results. When you eat carbs in your diet then it provides energy to the body.

If you reduce your carbs then the body needs energy then the body finds an energy source. The most important source is fat.

When the body uses this flesh, we reduce the weight.

Add Some Healthy Fat To Your Diet And Cut Bad Fats

Add fiber to your diet

Cut saturated fat

Cut refined carbs

High protein diet

Avoid sugar intake

Increase exercise

High reps include in your workout

High Protein Low Fat

When you take a high protein in your diet, your body gains muscle. These muscles are lean. Protein repairs your muscles. There are many types of protein sources, like

chicken meal





Beans soy

Beans soy

Healthy fats-

Fats are the most important, and a lot of people are not aware of them. People think fat increases their weight, but the fact here is if we need to cut our fat, then we eat fat, which is healthy fats. There are many types of fats, like


Olive oil

Coconut oil

Avocado oil

Exercise daily

If you want amazing results, then increase exercise 6 days a week. That workout will be 1 hour or longer.

Some people think they maintain a diet and are slim, But that’s not true. you train two muscles a day, like

Back bi

chest tri

leg abs




bi tri


Maintain your Carb, Protein, and Fats ratio if you maintain these 3 things then you can achieve your all fitness goals. If you can afford a supplement then add it to your diet.