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If you want to remove stretch marks from your body then it is very hard. Further, you can decrease the visibility of stretch marks. When your skin stretches suddenly, then, you have long white lines on your body.

Moreover, sometimes you have small white lines. These mostly affect women more than men. On the other hand, if you have high belly fat. Then you have easily got stretch marks.

There are many types of stretch marks. Like, when you have puberty then you have stretch marks.

Because this time you grow very fast. And you have stretch marks on your leg. These are common and less visible marks.

Another one is when a woman is pregnant then they have a lot of marks around her belly. The next one is when you are doing weightlifting. These stretch marks are very bad. And sometimes these marks are painful.

You can easily see red stretch marks and white on the weight lifter. When you have red marks on your body it is hard to get rid of them.

If you want to remove then you need to laser. But you can treat them at home and only you can fade their color.

There are a lot of home remedies to remove stretch marks. For example, coconut oil, aloe vera, etc. You must apply these to your marks for a long time.

It gives you the result very slowly. I think you give six months for its treatment when you are applying home remedies.

Remove Stretch Marks Methods

Coconut Oil:

This is the best oil for your skin. When you apply it to your skin then your skin will be clear. But if you want to Remove Stretch Marks then it is not possible from this oil.

And you can apply all its products on your stretch marks then they also do not remove them completely. But when you regularly apply this to your marks then you can improve their visibility.

Not only these marks, you can apply your face also. After sometimes you can see your dark spots also decrease.

And after that dark spots are clear from your skin. And you can apply this oil at any time. Further, you need to do a gentle massage.

Castor Oil:

This is also used to Remove Stretch Marks. But when you are using coconut oil then you do not need this oil. if you want to use this oil then you take oil according to your marks. After that apply to it.

Moreover, you need to apply this oil in the morning and at night. Further, massage with this oil for about five minutes. Or you can say when oil is absorbed by your skin.


There are two types of laser used to remove stretch marks. The first is ablative, another one is non-ablative. This is the last method to Remove Stretch Marks.

But you can not completely get rid of the marks. In this, they use a laser to burn your upper skin, and then your marks will be light. But it depends on your mark size.

Light Weight:

If you are going to the gym and you are overweight then you must take care. Do not use heavyweight. Moreover, you do not lose fat rapidly.

What are the Causes


When you are a beginner, start at the gym. Here a lot of people make one mistake. That is they lift heavyweight. Further, they do not do it in the correct form.

On the other hand, when you are gaining rapidly then your body has also marked. So, the point is that you need to increase tension in your body from low to high.

If you are giving direct high tension to your body, then you give your marks.


You can see when a person is overweight then they have a lot of stretch marks. The main reason is that their middle skin is stretched and they get marks.

Another reason is that when someone loses weight rapidly, they will have marks. So if you want to reduce your marks, then you need to decrease your weight.

You need to take at least 2-3 to lose weight. But it depends on your fat percentage.


You can see many women who have stretch marks. When you are gaining in these nine months then the elastic fiber that is under your skin that is a break.

Then you have marks on your breasts, hips, stomach, etc., but after your pregnancy, you need to lose your belly fat. Then take medical treatment and you can easily light your marks.


If you are fit or you are not overweight then you have lower chances of marks. But if you have high weight then you have a high chance of marks.

Because you have sudden growth of your body. Then you are all muscle and fat layers are stretched. Then your elastic fiber is broken when your weight is high.

So it has no symptoms when you have to come marks on your body.

People Who Have Not Marks

Many people do not have stretch marks. Moreover, they do not have a high weight. And you can see many pregnant women who also have no marks.

The reason is that they are eating good quality food during their pregnancy. And if you are not eating high fat and bad carbs during your pregnancy then you can also avoid marks on your body.

I am not saying that you must stop taking fat and carbs in your diet. But you need to replace your bad carbs and fat with complex carbs. Further, eat according to your health. Do not overeat complex carbs either.

Diet is the main source of your marks. For example, when a person is in puberty then they eat a lot of junk food.

After some time they gain a lot of fat in the whole body. When their body needs to grow fast then the body has trouble because of your fat.

So eat a clean diet. No matter what is your condition. You have an excuse you are pregnant and you can not do this. Everything is possible if you want to do it.

But if you want to eat sweet food and avoid veggies then how can you control your weight? So I think you understand all these methods. Apply these tricks and you get definite results.