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It is also known as vitamin H. Biotin is a B complex vitamin. Biotin comes from the ancient Greek word “Biotos”. It especially helps to keep healthy eyes, liver, skin, hair, etc.

Most people get biotin from their diet and fulfill their daily requirements. Then some gym trainer tells them to add biotin to their diet so that their skin, hair, eyes, etc. are healthy.

But people don’t know how it is working. What is the side-effect of biotin? So think firstly whether you need this supplement or not.

Deficiency Of Biotin

It is a rare chance that you have a biotin deficiency. But whenever you want to check that you feel your liver is not good and your nails are also not well and the main point is you have hair loss.

So consult with your doctor and don’t take a supplement. Sometimes it is a medical case.

Source of Biotin For Hair-



Egg Yolk

eggs sandwich

Organ meat like (liver)


If you are cooking eggs and all the above then biotin is ineffective. So in raw sources, biotin is more active.

If in any case, you can not complete the requirement of biotin then you can add a supplement by a doctor.

Can it grow hair

It is the most asked question. Yes, it helps to grow your hair. It gives shine and thickness to hair. So it improves the overall health of your hair. The recommended doses of biotin are 2-5 mg per day.

Biotin Side Effects

If you take biotin in high doses then you will face kidney problems, skin rashes, and digestive upset. So do not take it if you do not have hair loss and other symptoms.

So In the end biotin is the most powerful supplement if you use it within the limit. Eat a healthy diet then you can easily maintain your biotin level.

For example, if you eat 4-5 eggs and bananas daily then I do not think you need biotin. But do not eat eggs and bananas at the same time.