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Working out at home without equipment gives you more sweat than your gym workout. Here we do a full-body workout. So we hit every muscle.

Pull-ups workout

Pull-ups are more effective in your back development because they hit your lat muscle, trapeze muscle, rhomboid muscle bicep, forearms, etc.

Firstly you can do a warm-up set then take working sets. So you have 3 sets with 15,12,8 reps. After each set, you must squeeze your back.

So when you add variation in pull-ups then you hit all muscles like wide grip, close grip, hammer grip, etc.

Jumping squats

You can gain your hamstring, calves, glutes, quad muscles, etc. Squat burns more calories. It also trains your abs muscles.

Because it gives you more energy. This increases the stamina of a sportsperson. And it maintains your leg muscles. Leg muscle is a very big part of your body.

If you have more soreness then at least take a 2-day rest between your workouts.

Wall squat

Wall squats strengthen your weak muscles. And it also increases your muscle flexibility. So This strengthens your quadriceps which is the biggest muscle.

It also increases your squat performance. Another name for this exercise is isolation because there is no movement in it.


Push-ups strengthen your chest muscles. If you do this for one month then it makes a well-defined chest pec and strength as well.

Not only this your shoulder and tricep muscles also include in it. Push-ups on punches are more effective for your rear, front, side, and overall shoulder muscles.

No Gym Equipment But Body Weight

Hindu push-ups

This is another variation of push-ups. It is most popular in India. Because all Indian wrestlers perform Hindu push-ups, it is a traditional exercise in India.

Its effects on your tricep, and shoulder. Another name for this exercise is swing push-ups. You can take 4 sets and 10 reps each.

Diamond push up

We can increase the size of our arms. It gives you a well-defined shape. Because it hits your tricep very hard, This exercise is hard to perform but if you are a beginner then you can take 3 sets with 5 reps each.

Rope skipping

When you are doing 20-minute skipping then it burns 600 calories. On the contrary, Your abs muscles are also trained.

So your breathing also improves. Anyone can fit in by skipping the rope. You can do skipping every day.


Burpees increase your blood pressure. So nutrition sends in every muscle. And it helps to recover the body fast. Burpees work your arm, back, chest, shoulder, leg, glute, etc.