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If you are a bodybuilder then you know about the value of a wide back. But here the question is, How do increase the width of the back muscle?

In the back, there are many muscles like Trapizus, Teres minor, Teres major, Deltoid, Lats, Levator, Rhomboid, etc. These are all the muscles of the back. If you train these then your back looks like a v-shape.

In this process, it takes lots of exercise plans and many diet plans. You never get a big back by doing the same exercise the whole year. It trains your back but it does not train all muscles of your back.

Wide Back Exercises

Exercise also matters. How to train your back. There are many exercises for the wide back.

Straight-Arm Lat pull-down

Reverse-grip Lat pull-down

Reverse-grip Barbell Raw

Close-grip lat pull-down

These exercises train your overall muscles. Make sure you do not overload the weight. Most people take lots of weight and then hardly hit 4-5 muscles.

So can’t do that. You should be steady all the time. No movement in your whole body accepts your back muscles.

Negative Reps-

When you finish your rep you came very fast here you can add a negative rep that is when you return then you take down slowly and feel the muscle.

It also forms back muscles. For example when you perform reverse lat pull-down then you release very slow and do it all reps.

Diet For Wider Back

There is no specific diet for a wide back. If you do not work out then the diet can not do anything. Diet is simple you take lots of protein and complex carbs.

Because you need to repair your muscles. like chicken, eggs, brown rice, nuts, veggies, fruits, etc.

But make sure your macro is balanced like protein, carbs, fat, etc. If you have excess carbs then your body stores them in the form of fats.

Rest in Sets

Rest important factor in muscle building. If you are on gaining you must take three minutes rest between sets.

On the other hand, if you are on fat loss then you take one minute rest between the sets.