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Gain chest strength is the main problem for many youngsters. So don’t worry it is natural. Some people are strong from their genetics.

When you regularly train your muscles then you can also be left heavyweight.

There are main chest muscles like pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, etc. Someone doesn’t listen to these names but you listen to the upper, middle, and lower chest.

Exercise For Chest

Here I suggest only three main exercises.

Flat Bench Press-

This exercise is very hard when you are doing it the first time. But slowly you increase your weight.

On the first day, you must start from zero weight. Most people take heavyweight and take support from supporters then it never gives you any benefits.

Here you make a mistake that never contracts your muscles. So please contract your muscles then it helps for your chest gain.

Incline Dumbbell Press-

This exercise is performed after the bench press. Take an incline bench at a 30-degree angle. Don’t take so high it affects your wrong muscles and many muscle issues.

Weighted Dips-

Dips are very effective for your chest. It trains your lower chest. But when you do dips then don’t too close your elbows. When you close your elbows then you train your triceps.

Diet for Gain

I am always telling you to maintain your three macros that’s it.




These are mainly three main factors to achieve your fitness goal which is chest gain. So take a high-protein diet like chicken, fish, eggs, protein supplements, and so on.

You can take only complex carbs. Cut your refined carbs that spike your insulin. It gives you a healthy gain. like bananas, brown rice, oats, potatoes, whole wheat bread, etc.

Here the last factor is fat. You can take from nuts, egg yolk, avocado, peanut butter, olives, etc.

Avoid Junk Food-

This is why you must control it. You work hard and then eat oily food and lose your strength. If you want oily food then take a good oil for cooking.

Olive oil is best for it but you don’t cook it on high heat then it converts to transfat which is unhealthy for you.

Increase Testosterone-

If you can increase your testosterone, you can easily increase your weight-lifting power. For example


Low-fat milk

Egg yolks



So these are some food for strength gain. And follow these steps I will guarantee that you can increase your chest strength.

Train Supporting Muscles

You should train your triceps, shoulder, back, legs, etc. If your arms are not strong then you can not be left heavyweight. These muscles are supporting muscles and give you a lot of power.

If you can not be left heavy then you train these muscles. These muscles help to increase your bench press.