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Carbs are bad or not it depends on your carb intake. There are many types of it when a food contains refined carbohydrates like white flour, white rice, bread, cake, cookies, etc.

When a food contains high sugar then it is bad for you. Some people think they gain weight by eating bad carbs then it is stored fat in your bodies. This is not muscle gain.

The three main types of carbohydrates are sugar, starch, fiber, etc. They are called simple or complex based on their chemical bonding.

Daily Intake

We can take 2.5 grams per pound. If we increase carbohydrates in our diet, then all excess calories are stored as fat in our bodies. Most people have one bad meal.

You must make four and five meals then you can divide your carbs intake. When you take a small portion of the meal then your body consumes it.

But if you eat a lot in one meal then your body does not consume all the nutrition in one time.

Benefits of Carbs

It gives energy for the workout. It gives fuel to your brain. For instance, fiber carb is the best source. It helps to fill your stomach.

But here is a twist if you are eating refined carbs then it is bad for you because it spikes your blood sugar. So eat good complex quality carbs. It never spikes your blood sugar. It is the best source of carbs.

But after you can take bad carbs, then no issue. But you never take it the whole day. At night, you should consume a low amount of carbs. So you can take brown rice, brown bread, etc.

Side Effects

The side effect of refined carbs is overeating because of the low amount of fiber in it. It digests quickly. It makes you overweight. When you do an excess of anything, it is harmful to your body.

Most people think that when they take a high calorie from carbs, it converts into muscle mass, but that is not true.

When you take it regularly then, your body converts excess carbs into fats, and you gain an unhealthy weight in a short time. So do not do this if you want great physics.

Foods For Carb




Kidney Beans

Sweet Potato


So carbohydrates are beneficial for your body. We never close carbohydrate intake. According to the body, you can take It twice your body weight.

It is an important macro in bodybuilding. Conversely, the complex is better for you than simple carbs.