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The abdominal(Abs) muscle is the rectus abdominal muscle. Further, it does not have lower and upper abs. You can listen to it many times.

But skeletal muscles have two ends. So, this is the human prediction of lower and upper abs. Moreover, it gives you the power to lift heavy weights.

Further, if you do not train your ABS muscle, you may have a hernia disease. This disease occurs when your ABS muscle is not strong.

Why Abs Muscles Important

Protect Spine:

You can never support your spine if you do not train your ABS muscle. For example, when you lift heavy objects, you use many muscles.

Further, then you imagine that you have no abs or core. Then, this heavyweight targets your spine directly. And you will be injured.

Protect Organs:

This is what you can see in boxing and other martial arts. For example, when a boxer hits a punch on your stomach, you may be a defense by blocking it.

Moreover, if you cannot block it, it hurts very badly. So, if you have an ABS muscle, you can reduce the punch pressure on your internal organs.

Lower Back Pain:

When you have the Abs muscle, the lower back does not handle all body pressure. The pressure first goes to your Abs and then to your lower back.

Improve Strength:

So, it is the biggest plus point. Lifting heavy weights in compound exercise, like the deadlift, is very helpful.

You use the power of your ABS and many other muscles in this. But if you have a weak core, you should avoid the heavy lift.

Train Slow:

I see many people train ABS very fast. They do not control the movement and do not contract muscles between sets.

So they train for many years but do not get results. Moreover, you should train the ABS twice a week. And reduce the rest of your set. So you may get results fast.

So, I think you may understand the power of your ABS muscle and train it seriously. When you train your biceps, you feel the muscles because you love them like any other muscle.

So when you train your ABS and think it is your favorite muscle.