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Banana is a fruit and it contains a high amount of carbs and vitamin B-6. Moreover, it has fiber, copper, manganese, vitamin C, potassium, etc.

You can eat a banana each day. But the amount is two. If you are taking a lot, then you increase the level of vitamins and minerals.

So do not overeat it. It gives you a lot of energy. Further, you can eat it in any workout. No matter whether you have weight loss or weight gain. So it depends on how you are eating.

Bananas are a Good Source of Carbohydrates

Healthy Skin:

It is high in vitamin C. This is very important for your skin. Rather you can make a mask of a banana. So it gives you healthy glowing skin.

Healthy Heart:

Banana has high potassium in it. So it prevents heart disease. And low your cholesterol level.

Energy Boost:

It boosts your energy. You can take it before your workout. In the morning, many people have a problem with what they eat. This is the best source of carbs that give you energy for the workout.

Help In Digestion:

So you know this is high in fiber that helps digestion. It does not fill your stomach like other fiber foods. Moreover, after half an hour, you feel your stomach is empty.

Weight Gain:

It is a good source of carbs. If you want to gain weight then eat a banana after your workout. Further, you can add it to brown bread. So you can gain a healthy weight.

Some Side Effects of It

It has no side effects rather, and you do not have an excess of it. But there are some common symptoms, like

  • Firstly, Vomiting

  • Secondly, Bloating

  • Cramp

  • Gas

If you want to reduce these diseases then you can avoid the excess amounts of bananas. Because it is high in carbs then you increase your overall carbs.

The result is you gain fat. And a big belly. Further, you have heart disease.

So these are all about the banana. It depends on you how you can use this. Further, if you do not understand how to eat then consult with your doctor or trainer.

But never believe in the news because you have a different body type. If the news that you hear about bananas is only for fit guys,

But you have a lot of fat. So be smart, keep researching, and then take steps. Further, it is the best food.