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Ghee(clarified butter) is fat. It is widely used in the world. Further, this fat is not unhealthy. It is very important for our body.

Moreover, if you want to increase your weight then you can add Ghee(clarified butter) to your diet. It has many benefits.

For example, weight gain provides energy, is good for the heart, healthy digestion, etc. If you are taking Ghee(clarified butter) in a limited amount then you can take these all benefits.

On the other hand, if you are eating every day, then you may have many problems like high cholesterol, heart problems, high body fat, etc.

Everyone can eat Ghee(clarified butter) but some people who have heart problems and high blood pressure then they must avoid it. And if you are a bodybuilder then you can add it to your bulking time.

Make sure you do not eat every day. If you do this, then you gain fat. It provides energy to the body, but when total energy is not used by the body, then it stores it in the form of fat.

Ghee(Clarified Butter) Benefits

Good Source Of Energy:

It is a good source of energy. When you start eating ghee (clarified butter), you will have more energy.

Because our body uses it as an energy source. Further, it is directly absorbed by your liver and burns in the form of energy.

Healthy Fat:

Compared to regular butter, it is a good source of fat. Further, it helps to keep away from diseases.

When you eat your regular butter in the morning, then you have heart disease. And it makes you fat. But when you eat ghee, you are consuming good-quality fat. This fat is healthy for your brain and your eyes.

Harmless For Body:

If you are a teenager then you must take this. It has no side effects on your body. This time you need more healthy food.

Weight Gain:

The main benefit is that you can gain weight if you are underweight. It does not mean that you are gaining weight when you eat ghee.

You need to do the workout. In this workout, you must add compound exercise. If you train a single body part, you can not gain weight.

When you do heavy-weight training, you activate your fast-twitch muscles. Your strength will increase day by day.

But it does not mean that you can take it many times. If you want to take advantage then only once a day you can take this.

Side Effects

High Blood Pressure:

If you are a high blood pressure patient then you can also take ghee. But sometimes it is not good for you.

When you take it three times a day, it increases your blood pressure. So do not ignore it. If you want to eat, then do not eat regularly.

For example, you can take it in the morning and the afternoon. Because your body uses all energy. But if you are eating at night then your body stores your energy in the form of fat.


Ghee contains fat, saturated fat, etc. When you are already taking fat from other sources, then you are adding ghee to your diet. Here, you are abusing fat.

Further, your diet is not high in protein. But you are taking excess amounts of fat in your body. Then you gain weight. This weight is not healthy. Moreover, you can not take ghee after your workout.

On the other hand, you can take it before your workout. When you take it in the afternoon then it provides energy during your workout. If you are eating at night, then you may gain weight. So if you add ghee at night then take in the limit.

Heart Problems:

When you are eating a lot of fat. Then it gives you heart problems. Further, ghee increases the LDL level.

This is a low-density lipoprotein. When this is high in your body then it gives you many heart diseases. It is also called bad cholesterol. You may see many doctors who advise patients that they must avoid ghee.

Who Should Not Eat Ghee:

If you are a heart patient, then you must avoid Ghee (clarified butter). No doubt this is good for your heart, brain, eyes, etc.

If you have high cholesterol, then you can not eat it. If you want to eat, then you must consult your doctor. On the other hand, it depends on person to person.

When you are a serious patient with high blood pressure then you also reduce the amount of ghee. Not only Ghee (clarified butter) you must avoid all oily things.

Secondly, when you are overweight then you can not take Ghee (clarified butter). When you are taking it regularly then it is not good for you.

If you want to add ghee, then you can add it on random days. My suggestion is that you must avoid ghee. You can fulfill your daily fat needs from your diet. And you can add nuts, seeds, etc.

You do not use it when you are on the fat loss cycle. Here, you need to add other sources of fat. For example, nuts, seeds, egg yolk, fish, etc. These are the best sources of fat. And these also give you many other nutrients.

Glowing Skin

On the other hand, it is used for dry skin. If you have dry skin then warm little ghee mixed with water apply it to your skin. After 10 minutes you can take a bath. When you are doing this regularly then your skin is soft and glowing.

For example, when you massage your skin before night then you can go to sleep. All night it provides nutrition to your skin. Moreover, you can apply Ghee (clarified butter) to your whole body. Make sure you have dry skin.

If you do have not dry skin and you apply it to your face then you may have many pimples on your face. If you have already oil on your face then you do not need external oil for your skin.

So, there are pros and cons of Ghee (clarified butter). If you use it within the limit, then you will not have any problems. In the end, these techniques can be applied to achieve better results.