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Cardio yoga is defined by its name. When we combine cardio with yoga, it is called cardio yoga.

On the other hand, it is tougher than yoga. For example, you have normal breath and other internal processes when you do yoga. But when you add cardio to it, you can feel high breath intake and fatigue.

Further, if you ask me what is more beneficial, I will tell you both have their benefits. This does not mean that yoga is not good. If you do only yoga, you can easily avoid many diseases.

Moreover, if you are a beginner, you should start with yoga. If you start cardio yoga directly, you can not do it. You can add cardio when you think you are ready and your body needs high intensity.

On the other hand, if you want to lose weight, you should add it to your daily routine.

So today, we discuss all things about cardio yoga in this article.

Cardio Yoga Cardio Benefit

Yoga is mostly performed in India. The main difference between other exercises and yoga is breath and posture. We cannot do it perfectly if we do not concentrate on our breath.

Our bodies have made many improvements, such as decreased stress, increased muscles, and increased focus.

When we inhale fresh air in the morning, it improves our mod because this process provides high oxygen to our brain. And the brain releases important hormones.

For example, if you have high back pain, you can decrease that pain within a few days—that is the power of yoga.

There are many types of yoga, such as power yoga, vinyasa, and ashtanga. The main things are breathing and posture. Every type of yoga has its own posture and breathing process.

The most common yoga is Anuloma yoga. If you do not have any knowledge, then this name is listened to by you.

but in cardio, you involve more muscles and movement that increase your heart rate. This is tough if you are doing it for the first time. You also need to go outdoors for cardio yoga.

So, everyone can do this if they do not have any serious surgery. If you have any serious surgery, you must consult with your doctor.

How To Do:

If you think I will give you only five or ten yoga sessions, then you are wrong. There is no specific workout of cardio yoga. But it depends on your interest. You can mix more than one yoga to make a cardio yoga workout.

The best example of cardio yoga is Surya Namaskar. In this yoga, you are doing 11 yoga back to back. On the other hand, you should follow its sequence.

This yoga makes you strong and relieves many joint pains. On the other hand, your body uses all of its muscle groups, such as the leg, chest, back, shoulder, and arms.

So follow this sequence below-



In this asana, you should stand on the yoga mat with your feet close to each other. Then, take a breath inside and relax your shoulders and chest. After that, raise your arms from the side and make a namaste pose in front of your chest. This is also called a prayer pose or yoga.

When you do this, you can feel you have a low-stress level, and you feel fresh all day.

Hasta Uttanasana:

For Hasta asana, you should stand on the mat with closed feet. After that, you take a deep breath and raise your arms together backward to your ability. When you stretch your spine backward, your biceps are close to your ear.

It has many health benefits, such as building a strong spine, stretching the abdomen, decreasing back pain, etc.

Hasta Padasana:

Release your breath, bend your body forward, and touch your feet with your finger. Do not bend your spine. Your neck and shoulders are in normal form.

If you are not able to touch your feet, try again and again. You can also slightly bend your knees for comfort.

The main benefits of this asana are leg stretching and decreased headache, stress, and anxiety.

Ashwa Sanchalanasana:

In this, inhale breath, then bend your one knee, then come forward on it, and your palm on the floor. But your one leg stretches backward and makes balance.

This asana decreases constipation and indigestion. It looks like lunge form. And increase the flexibility of the legs.

Ashtanga Namaskar:

It is not easy to form. First, release your breath, then down your knee on the floor. With your chin resting on the floor, raise your hip from the ground.

Further, your hand, chin, knees, etc., are all touching the floor. So, take a breath and hold this position as long as you can.

This is very effective for our back pain. On the other hand, it increases the flexibility of the back and legs and reduces the stress on our bodies.

Chaturanga Dandasana:

Ashtanga is very easy to do because it is in the plank form. First, inhale, then make plank form, but here, your body is not on your elbow. Your body is on both palms.

So keep taking a breath and make balance in this form. This asana increases core strength and improves your body posture as well.


Firstly, lie flat on the mat(stomach side). In this position, your legs and stomach are touching the floor. So, take a breath and raise your upper body from the floor with both hands.

Here, your hand is pushing your body, and your shoulder is in the rest position. This position stretches your back, chest, shoulder, and spine, which is good for flexibility.

Adho Mukha Svanasana:

In this, when you lie down on the floor, then inhale breath. After that, raise your hip from the floor and make it a "V" shape.

On the other hand, when you make a "V" shape, your elbows and knees are straight. So stretch your body in this pose for 2-3 minutes.

It is good for women because it helps in menopause. It also makes strong arms, legs, etc. On the other side, it increases blood circulation and decreases stress.

Ashwa Sanchalanasana:

After Adho Mukha, you should try this asana. Bend one knee, come forward, and keep one leg straight behind your body. Then, stretch your hips as much as you can.

In this step, you feel better, feel more comfortable, and stretch because you are performing again.

This is good for the spine and legs. Further, it gives you good digestion. And stretching is good for muscle growth.

Hasta Uttanasana:

This is also a previous asana, so take a deep breath, then raise your arms together. Then, bend backward slowly. After that, you should stretch your spine.

This is good for lower back pain, abdomen flexion, and a strong spine.

Hasta Padasana:

Take a deep breath, then bend forward and close both feet. Touch your feet with a finger, but do not bend your knees. Hold your position for some time.

This asana is good for the legs and mainly for the hamstring. Because it stretches the hamstring, on the other hand, it decreases stress and anxiety.

Yoga For Weight Loss

Many studies have found that doing yoga has many health benefits. But if you think it decreases our body fat, that is not sure.

If you want weight loss, you should control your diet; yoga can help.

On the other hand, some studies show that yoga decreases fat, but in a very small amount. When you combine yoga with cardio, you can easily burn your body fat.

So the main thing is if you have a calorie deficit, add cardio yoga. This can help to burn fat. On the contrary, if you are eating high calories and burning low calories compared to consuming, you can not lose weight at any cost.

Conversely, weight loss from yoga is a very slow process. If you do yoga for 3 months, you can lose only 1-2 kg. But when you are overweight.

Moreover, if you want to increase your results, you should add an extra physical workout. For example, in the morning, you can add yoga, but in the evening, you can add running, cycling, walking, gym, sprinting, etc. Then, you can easily increase your results.

Compare With Other Workouts

If we compare it with other exercises, cardio yoga is the best workout for our overall health because it is more secure.

When we talk about MET, we measure calories when they are burned in an activity. For example, jogging, walking, and biking all have 7, 4.9, and 7 Mets, respectively.

On the other hand, yoga has 6 METs, but when we combine yoga with Surya Namaskar, we can increase METs by 2.4. So, this contains a high MET number as compared to others.

On the other hand, burning calories by walking and jogging is very hard. But burning calories by yoga is effortless.

So this depends on what you should pick for your body. In a study, researchers took 50 male and 30 female participants for cardio yoga. On the other hand, they took 50 men who were going to the gym.

After one month, when they compare the strength of all groups, you are shocked that those people who did yoga have more power than other groups.

They have high power in bench presses and squats, but people who go to the gym do not have enough power.


Cardio yoga is very easy. Everyone can do it. But it makes traditional yoga different. When you add some dynamic movements to it, it increases the calorie-burning process.

On the other hand, you can easily burn your body fat by doing this, which requires less effort than jogging and walking.

Moreover, when you start your journey, you can not see any results, but after some time, you can see amazing results, and those results are long-lasting. For example, when you do not go to the gym, your body reduces size within 2-3 days.

But after yoga, you do not face any problems like this.

If you add cardio yoga into your daily life, you do not need any gym workout. So start your journey today and say goodbye to the gym. But you should start with normal yoga after sometimes you can increase intensity and movements.

So tell us which yoga is your favorite and when you start your fitness journey.