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The vegetarian diet is not easy. Because when you shit non-veg to veg, then you can not find vegetarians' protein sources.

On the other hand, the vegetarian diet has very few protein sources. On the contrary, a non-veg diet has many protein sources. These sources are very cheap, and everyone can afford them.

Moreover, a vegetarian diet is not normal, but these foods are not easily available in the market and are very expensive.

Furthermore, you can lose weight from a veg diet. A vegetarian diet has many benefits, such as controlled bp, low body fat, high energy, etc.

When we eat non-veg, then they give us many health problems like heart disease, high cholesterol, high body weight, skin problems, etc.

Why You Are Not Lossing Weight With Vegetarian Diet

Not Eating Enough Protein:

When you are not eating the required amount of protein, you can lose weight. Protein is more important when you are losing body weight.

If you do not retain your muscles, your body burns fat and muscles, fulfilling the body's protein requirements.

On the other hand, most people eat 80 grams of protein in one meal. This is also not good for your body. When your body needs only 40 grams, then why provide high protein at one time?

Eating High Carbs:

When we are on a vegetarian diet, we eat only carb sources. But we can consider other macros.

If you want to lose weight, you must decrease refined carbs. You can also replace them with complex carbs, which do not spike blood sugar.

Moreover, simple carbs digest rapidly and increase our body weight. So it would help if you avoided white rice, bread, potatoes, chips, etc. These are the most significant barriers when we lose body weight.

So, you should control your refined carbs in your diet. If you can avoid them, that is the best option for you because you can get results rapidly.

Do Not Measure Calories:

There is one problem: calorie measurement. For example, we all know the calories in an egg, but we do not know the calories in one teaspoon of peanut butter with jam. It is very hard for a beginner to find calories.

When we eat too much without measuring, our weight increases rapidly. So you know about your calorie intake. If you do not know, check it on Google, but that source must be authentic.

On the other hand, we do not take all calories from one source. If. If you take all of your calories from fat, then this makes you fat. So you should take calories from all three sources: protein, fat, carbs, etc.

Taking High Dairy Products:

The primary source of fat in a vegetarian diet is dairy products. For example, when we eat cheese, milk, curd, etc., throughout the day, we increase fat in our bodies.

This fat is good for us, but if we take it in high amounts, it is not good for us. So do not take dairy products daily.

On the other hand, we can add lentils, chickpeas, brown bread, etc. When you combine these, you can quickly increase your protein intake.

Moreover, we are eating processed foods like juice, veggies, cheese, etc. These are not good for our weight loss journey.

What You Should Add For Weight Loss

You should add vegetables to your diet because they are very helpful for weight loss. For example, when we gain weight, our body stores water under the skin. Vegetables flush that water from our bodies.

On the other hand, we are not maintaining the protein in our meals. For example, add soya, nuts, paneer, milk, etc.

Further, avoid bad carbs from your diet. You should add complex carbs that fill your stomach for a longer time, like brown bread, whole grains, Oats, etc.

Another thing is to focus on your calories. If you look at your calories, you are eating limited calories. But if you do know how much you are eating, you are eating more, and you may gain weight.

Use natural sweeteners like honey. Replacing your refined sugar with honey can quickly help you lose weight.

On the other hand, if you are not exercising, then you can not lose weight. But you should add six times a weekly workout plan.

So, if you add all the above steps, you can quickly lose weight. But if you can get abs in two weeks, it is possible, but it depends on individual to individual.

List of Vegetarian Foods

These are some foods that help with weight loss. It depends on you which you like more.

Protein- lentils, beans, tofu, paneer, curd, nuts, seeds, etc.

Grains- Bulgur, brown rice, etc

Fats- nuts, seeds, cheese, olive oil, etc.

Fruits- Banana, kiwi, apple, orange, etc.

Vegetables- Broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.

Nuts and Seeds- Walnuts, cashews, chia seeds, etc.


In the end, you should follow all these steps. On the other hand, you should add high protein to your diet. It would help if you ate high protein to build muscles.

Further, it would help if you cut bad carbs from your diet. If you eat high carbs every day, you can not lose weight.

Moreover, if you are not taking macros with the proper amount, then it becomes a barrier for you.

So add all of these fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds to your diet for better results. However, you should not follow the same diet for weeks. If you do, your body will not respond.

For example, if you take protein from cheese, after one month, you should replace your primary protein source. When you change your source, your body does not go through with meals.

This is the same as changing fruits after some time that is more beneficial for you. On the other hand, when we do the same workout for weeks, our bodies do not produce results. Here, it would help if you also changed your workout for better results.