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Protein is the main factor in bodybuilding. But it is not true two more factors are important. Like carbs and fats.

Further, proteins are a long chain of amino acids. Here is a simple talk if your body has more amino acid in your body then the body converts it into protein.

So this is very important if you are going to the gym. And repair your muscles. Most people know that it is for bodybuilding. But your hair and nails are made of proteins. Your body uses protein to make enzymes, hormones, etc.

It is used to make building blocks of blood, muscles, skin, etc.

It is well known for muscle repair in your body. And also repair tissues. When you go to the gym then your muscles break after that you take a post-workout drink for instance recovery.

Sometimes you're left heavyweight and after that, you have muscle soreness because your muscles do not recover. So take high protein for muscle recovery.

How Much You Need

There is no fixed amount for everyone. It varies from body to body weight. If you do not know how much quantity you take then you can take twice your body weight.

For example, if your weight is 70 kg, then you need 140 grams of protein per day for muscle building.

Excess of Protein:

High protein makes you slim but here is a condition that is when you increase your protein intake then you eat a lot of calories.

So these surplus calories are stored as fat in your body. By this, you can lose weight, but this is short term, not for the long term.

So take only limited protein that is used by your body. If you want to lose weight then you must cut out your refined carbs then you see amazing results.

When We Take It

The timing for this post and pre from your workout. But you can take it anytime in the day. But never take protein at night. It has no side effects but it is hard to digest.

If you want to take it you can take casein protein which is slow, fast, high, releasing amino to the body that provides all night.

Natural Protein:

Keep in mind supplements are ten percent of your diet. Never depend on it. I see a lot of people who take three and four scoops in one day.

They are stupid because if you need two, then you take five, then what happens? It is a waste. So take chicken, eggs, beef, nuts, fish, etc. There are a lot of natural sources of it.

Natural sources give you more benefits than supplements. If you can not manage your diet, you can take some protein. For example, before the workout, you can take a supplement. If you eat chicken, it takes time to digest.