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The steroid is a biologically active organic compound. In the market, it has a lot of types. But the main two types are anabolic and corticosteroid.

Further, it has a wide range of side effects rather than benefits. It is available in pills and injections. You can not make it your own.

But some advanced bodybuilders take their own. Moreover, You can first consult with your doctor.

Benefits of Steroids to Your Body

High Blood Pressure:

It is very bad for your heart. Because it increases your body’s blood flow. Moreover, the reason behind it is that it supplies nutrition very fast with blood. So you feel very hipper all day. Not all the day till steroid in your veins.


Your body becomes extremely heated as a result. Then your body reduces this heat by red bumps on your body. Moreover, you need a different medication for acne.

Disturb Sleep:

When it is in your veins then how you can sleep? You have a lot of energy all day. Further, your blood pressure is also high. That is the main reason for your insomnia.

Weight Gain:

It means when you take a cycle then within ten days you can gain weight. Because it recovers your body very fast and makes a new muscle.

Growth of Body Hair:

This depends on person to person. Some people lost their hair. But some of them gain hair. But this hair is grown on every part of your body.

Increase Size of Organs:

When it gives you a big bicep and other body muscles. Then it also increases your heart size. That is very risky. You have a problem with a heart attack.

Heavy Voice:

This is seen in many women bodybuilders. Because they increase testosterone levels in their body. But this is the male hormone then their female hormone decreases and their voice will be heavy. This effect can be seen in men also but it is very little.

Heart Disease:

When your heart size is increased then you pump a lot of blood. But here you can not absorb nutrition. Because it is very speed. And it increases your body temperature. So you have many chances of heart stroke. Effect On Eyes and Many.

Here Are Some Benefits

Muscle Build:

When you inject it into your vein then you rapidly gain muscle. Because it recovers your muscles day and night.

Further, when a bodybuilder does not get any results then he is the last option of it.

Before that, you must check your all organs, and then you can take them. And every week you need to check up on your body. When you decide that you can take it then follow all medical check-ups.

Fat Loss:

There is a different type of steroid for fat loss. You can lose all fat within one month. You can achieve your fitness goal very fast.

But not only this work. You should maintain a healthy diet. If you do not maintain your diet then you can not get all results.

Use In Cancer:

When a patient has unwanted growth of cells then it takes the place of cancer. You can say it's a tumor. This is killing alive cells in your body. And make a bundle of dead cells. So doctors give steroids to the patient and it makes new cells every day.

However, the growth of dead cells is faster than steroids. So sometimes we can save the life of a patient but most of the time it is very difficult.

Who Can Take

It is not legal in India. But you can take it from your trainer. Everyone takes this but you can take it after your puberty.

And the most important thing is that if you have a natural growth. Then you must avoid it. I see many people who have nice growth without it.

But they start taking it because their friend also takes it. And the trainer advised me to take the steroid.

So firstly consult your doctor then you should try this. Do not listen to any trainer. If they force you to take this then complain to the police.

Further, I suggest do not take it if you have not any serious goal.