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Olive oil is a form of fat. It is not unhealthy fat. Further, it has many benefits like a healthy heart, antioxidants, prevents weight gain, prevents stroke, etc.

There are four types of olive oil in the market. Pure, Virgin, Refined, Extra Virgin olive oil, etc. But an extra virgin is good for your health. Moreover, it helps to prevent diabetes type-2.

On the other hand, it gains weight. But when you are taking a lot of amounts then you can gain unhealthy weight.

Further, if you are not taking too much then you can not gain weight. If you want to cook food then you can use extra virgin oil. And you can use salad also. Moreover, it maintains the blood sugar level. That prevents weight gain.

Olive Oil Health Benefits

Weight Maintain:

If you are using mustard oil, then you can gain weight. It is high in fat, but not all fats are unhealthy. On the other hand, if you are using olive oil then it contains only monounsaturated fatty acids.

That does not increase your weight. But when you cook olive oil at a high temperature then it converts into transfat which is responsible for weight gain. So when you cook anything then do not cook it at a high temperature.

It raises bad cholesterol and decreases the good cholesterol in your body. For example, deep-fried fast food contains transfat in high amounts. And avoid this type of food in your diet. You are increasing your heart problems.

Strong Bones:

When you are consuming it then it forms osteocalcin in your blood. This makes strong bones.

A study shows that when people consume it, they have strong bones. On the other hand, people who do not consume it have heart disease and weak bones.

Reduce Depression:

It contains hydroxytyrosol. And it improves your blood vessels. A study shows when you are consuming it then your brain functions very well and it reduces your depression.

Healthy Skin:

It gives you healthy skin because it contains vitamins A, D, K, etc. And it makes skin soft and glowing. On the other hand, when you use virgin olive oil then it is more effective in killing bacteria.

If you have dry skin, you can make a face mask out of it. Mix oats, honey, and olive oil, then apply them to the face.

But if you have oily skin, you can not apply oil directly to it. When you do, you may have pimples.

Olive Oil Side Effects

Increase Acne:

When you are applying it to your skin then it takes time to absorb in your skin. At this time if your skin contact with dust particles then it gives you a pimple.

So, you can apply oil at night because you will not be in contact with dust at night.

Skin Reactions:

When you have any type of allergies like eczema, respiratory allergies, etc. Then you must avoid this oil.

For example, some people have red rashes on their skin after using it. So keep away from it and consult with your doctor.

Not For Child:

On the other hand, keep away from its newborn baby because a newborn baby has very soft skin. When you apply it on the skin, it may irritate, make a red rash, make it uncomfortable, etc.


If you have oily and high dry skin then you can not use olive oil. But when you apply it on your face then your skin oil and dust close the pores of the skin.

Here, you have two conditions. First, you may have pimples on your skin. Second, you have blackheads on your face. In the starting, you do not see many blackheads, but sometime after, you have a lot.


Many people do not know it converts into trans-fat when it contact with high temperatures. That is bad for your body.


When we take it in a high amount, then our body does not digest it. Then, you have a digestive disorder.

Further, you may have vomiting. You can feel uncomfortable all day. So do not consume a high amount.

High Calories:

You can gain unhealthy weight within a few days. So you do not eat it daily. But this side effect occurs when you are consuming it in a high amount.

Use In Bodybuilding

Olive oil is not good for bodybuilding, but it is good for the whole body. If you are not going to the gym, you can also consume it. Olive oil prevents tissue breakdown.

On the other hand, if you are gaining weight, then you can increase your calories by adding two teaspoons of it to your diet. But you do not depend on it. You must add some other source of fat to your diet.

And some bodybuilders drink olive oil but it depends on your workout. You can take olive oil in the morning.

It boosts your digestive system. And you can take 37 grams daily with your diet. The minimum dosage of it is 20 grams.