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Running is the best option for everyone. If you are going to the gym or not. Further, it has many benefits. It is cardiovascular exercise.

When an exercise increases your heart rate these exercises are known as cardiovascular exercises. But we only discuss running moreover, the example of the cardiovascular cycle, biking, sprinting, burpees, etc.

On the other hand, it gives you strong bones. And if you want to improve your stamina then you can also add running to your workout.

But make sure not to overtrain your muscles. I see many beginners who have run for a long time. It is not beneficial for your body.

For example, when you have an intense workout then after your workout you are doing one hour of running then it is not good for your body. So if you want to add running then you need to increase your daily calories. Then you do not have any muscle loss.

In my opinion, you can do 10-15 minutes of running after your workout. That is good for your body. Further, you can add a sprint to your workout. These do not lose your muscles but increase muscles in your body.

If you are running in the morning that is the best time for it. Because you can get fresh air in your mind as well as your heart.

And it depends on you for running. Both times are good. Further, in the evening you have low energy and in the morning you have a lot of energy.

Running Benefits

Healthy Heart:

When you are starting running then you are making your heart strong. Because when you are running then your heartbeat increases.

Further, your heart supplies more oxygen to your muscles. And your muscle grows faster. On the other hand, if you have any disease related to your heart then you must avoid running.

Moreover, if you have any breathing problems then you can avoid running. On the contrary, you can walk. in this you can walk fast when you feel your breathing very high then you can slow down and you can take rest.

Strong Bones:

It gives you strong bones. when you are running daily then your bones also develop. If you are overweight then you can not run.

Because if you do running then you have a problem regarding your joints. But do not worry you can start at zero levels. Firstly, you need to decrease your belly fat. And if you add milk and vitamin D then you can achieve very strong bones.

Further, you can take milk, chicken, eggs, etc. But you need to avoid hard surfaces for running. Because it increases your joint pain.

Burn More:

When you are doing it regularly then you are burning more. If you are not going to the gym. And you can fit by this.

On the contrary, if you are a gym person then you can also add it to your workout. But when you add it to your workout then your workout is more intense.

Then you need to increase your protein intake. If you do not increase your protein intake then you lose your fat as well as muscle mass.

Other Benefit

Effect On Lungs:

It is the best exercise for your lungs. When you are doing this then you intake a high amount of air in your lungs. Then it increases your lung’s capacity.

When you have strong lungs then you have no problems regarding your breathing. And it improves your breathing system.

Strong Legs:

The main muscle included in this exercise is your leg muscle. It is your big muscle of the body. Further, if you are doing this every day then you see your legs get in shape.

And your leg fat is also reduced. On the other hand, your calves' muscles are visible to everyone. You do have not any problem when you are doing squats.

Increase Strength:

This is a full-body workout. The main effect of it is on your leg muscles. After one month you can see your squat also increases.

But this is possible when you are taking a good diet with it. If you have low protein then you can lose your strength. Because your body converts muscle to energy.

Increase Stamina:

When a person does exercise then after some time it is very hard to continue that exercise. When your muscles go through form this exercise then you can easily increase your stamina.

But in the starting, you find it very hard to run. After some days you can easily feel changes. But you need to be regular in your workout.

It does not mean that today you have weight training then you shift it to the next day. Then you are wasting your time.

on the other hand, if you are eating a lot of junk food then you do have not any changes. So it is very important for you that your diet is very clean.

Who Can Not Do This

Knee Problem:

If you have any type of surgery then you must avoid it. Because when you are running then you put a lot of pressure on your joints. That is not good for your knee. So you increase your knee problem by doing this.

After that you want to walk then it depends on your condition. And you can consult with your doctor. On the other hand, you can walk on the soft garden surface. You must avoid hard surfaces for walking.

Lower Back Issue:

Some almost many people have a lower back injury. but some people have a little injury then they recover.

Further, some have a slipped disk which is a very dangerous condition for your back. Moreover, some people have lower back surgery and you can not do these exercises.

And it depends on your back pain and condition. I suggest you first recover yourself and then do these types of exercises.

Skinny People:

If you are underweight then you can do it one or two times a week. If you are doing it daily then you have very low body weight. so it is important to know what you are doing.

Firstly, you need to gain weight then you can do both gyms and run. I am not saying that you avoid this. But you need to understand this you can not overtrain your muscles.

Gym Alternative

Here is a plus point for those people who do not go to the gym. If you are doing only this exercise then you can easily fit.

But you can not do this for a long time. You can add some other exercise and your body does not go through your schedule.