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Heavy and lightweight both are important for your body. Further, these build muscles in your body. When you are lifting light weight then you activate your slow-twitch muscle.

This is activated when you are doing high repetitions. But when you are using heavy weight then you are activated your high-twitch muscle. And you can easily activate this by doing 8 reps.

Moreover, lightweight is more beneficial for your body. But it depends on your goal. When you want a well-defined body then you can use light weight.

This does not mean that you can not achieve by heavyweight. Moreover, you have a lot of benefits using light weight.

For example, the main benefit is you have no chance of injury. You do not have joint pain, heart problems, stress, etc.

If you want general fitness then you can use lightweight. You can also lose your body by this. No matter how much weight you are lifting.

It is a very effective technic that gives you amazing results. But heavyweight gives you a lot of benefits. Like, you burn more calories, muscle gain, fat loss, etc.

When you start this, you look more muscular. Because you are hitting your high-twitch muscles. And you are breaking more muscle. Then you are getting bigger sometimes.

So both techniques are the best, but it depends on your goal and body type. But if you ask which is more effective that also depends on your hard work.

Benefits of Lifting Heavy Weight

Gain Muscle:

When you lift heavy then you gain weight. Further, your body forms new muscles. And you gain a huge strength. And you get bigger day by day.

But it depends on your diet. When you are on a high-protein diet, your body repairs broken muscles. And it improves your metabolism.

Moreover, if you are performing compound exercises, then it includes more muscles. And your body uses a lot of energy.

Burn More:

It is the best exercise that burns more calories in less time. After finishing your workout you feel exhausted.

In lightweight, you can not burn more calories because you use one or more muscles at a time. No doubt you also use more muscle in lightweight.

But here, you can add more tension than other exercises.

Strong Bones:

This gives you strong bones. When you lift heavy then your bones are also trained. But sometimes it gives you injury.

But that injury made by you. When you are lifting without control.

Healthy Digestion:

That is also another benefit. You can eat what you want. But this is only when you are gaining. When you are losing weight, then you must eat only quality food.

Further, in gaining weight, you can eat anything but at a limit. When you finish your workout, your body digests anything because it increases its power of absorption.

Benefits of Lifting Light Weight

Prevent Injury:

When you are using this then your injury chances are reduced. And you have no bone problem. When you lift heavy then you put a lot of pressure on your spine and knees.

So many people are doing exercises in the wrong position. And they have serious problems related to lower back pain and knee pain.

But it is not sure that you ever have any injury. Further, if you jerk your shoulder with a lightweight then you have serious problems. Sometimes weight does not matter. But your control of exercise is more important.

Low Intensity:

This workout can do everyone. If you are professional or not. Lightweight is more comfortable for girls. Because they do not have any idea about it.

So you do not need any big meals and extra calories. but you can use your daily diet.

High Definition:

When you do it in high reps, you activate your fiber muscles, and you have more control over them.

You can feel your muscles when you train them. For example, you can see many people doing heavy sets and then taking light weights.

Because they train their low-twitch muscle with high-twitch muscles, that means fiber muscles.

Increase Endurance:

It increases your endurance. if you are an athlete then you must include high reps of an exercise in your workout. You can take any exercise for this.

Another method is to make a circuit of four to five exercises. And then perform this one another.

For example, you can take skipping rope, cattle ball, jumping jacks, etc. So do these 5-6 sets. In each set, you can take the minimum rest. if you are taking a lot of rest then you do not have high endurance.

Side Effects: Light And Heavy Weight

Back Problem:

When you are lifting, you also hurt your spine. But most people do not have any injuries. The reason behind this is that they perform in a controlled form.

Further, when you are doing deadlifts then most people include their back. When you make a “C” form of your spine then understand what you are doing wrong.

And you lift the weight with bones. But you need to include your muscles when you are lifting then you may prevent injury.

Gain Problem:

In weight training, you can easily gain weight and muscle. But when you use lightweight, you do not gain muscles and weight.

Moreover, your gaining ratio is not zero but near zero because lightweight does not increase your body’s needs.

If your body has no more need for food and calorie then you eat less. So you have a problem with your gaining goal.


You feel more tired. Because you are using all your power for lifting heavy. You do not have the energy for another physical workout.

Further, you need a lot of meals. Then you recover your body. Making a meal is a very difficult thing. And the second most important thing is your diet.

But light lifting does not use a lot of power. Yes, it is exhausting you. But after some time you are full of energy.

Muscle Pain:

When you train hard, your muscles break, and you can feel your muscles pain. In winter, people have a lot of problems who lift heavy.

And muscle soreness is the biggest problem. When your muscles are not fully recovered, then you can use your sore muscles.

Who Is The Best

Here are a lot of people who have a question that who is the best. So both are the best exercises.

But it varies from person to person. If you want to get bigger, then you can do weightlifting. And if you want normal fitness, then you can wear lightweight.

And you can perform both technics. Weightlifting is a field that bodybuilders use. But if you want to gain weight, then you can also do heavy lifting.

You do not have to focus on which is the best. If you are giving your best, then your workout automatically best.

On the other hand, if you are doing the best exercise in the wrong position then you are not blame, this exercise is not the best.

So firstly, you can check yourself choose one workout then apply. You must get results. if you are doing exercise with these steps.