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CrossFit is a very effective exercise. You can achieve all your fitness goals with it. Further, it makes your body strong and shredded.

On the other hand, if you want to lose weight, then you can perform it. It is the best game to build your endurance. Many people think it is different from the gym.

Yes, it is more effective than your gym workout. Moreover, if you are a beginner or advanced level bodybuilder then you can also do it. There is no restriction in this game.

In this, you do not need more equipment. And all your exercises are bodyweight. You can easily gain muscles. And if you take a high protein diet then you can burn your body fat very fast.

CrossFit Training Advantages

Build Strength:

When you perform CrossFit then you are using all muscles of your body. Further, all exercises are compound.

So you are using one or more muscles at the same time. For example, when you are doing snatch and clean then you are using your upper body muscles. Here you are not doing a limited set but you are performing it for a specific period.

Burn Calories:

In CrossFit, you can burn more calories because you are using many muscles at the same time.

Moreover, you do a high repetition. And it increases the metabolism of your body. And you need to control your fat intake. Further, you can add healthy fat to your diet, like egg yolk, avocado, nuts, etc.

Improve Balance:

This is another benefit of CrossFit. When you are performing compound exercises on alternate days then your body grows your weak muscles.

On the other hand, compound exercise hits all the muscles equally.

Shred Fat:

If you want to shred body fat then you can add it to your daily workout. Further, after your workout, you can perform two or three sets of it.

Moreover, if you cut down your bad carbs from your diet then you can easily achieve abdominal muscles.

Good For Heart:

When you are doing many cardio things with weight, it makes your heart strong.

For example, when you are performing a deadlift and sprint together, you have a high heart rate.

Muscle Gain:

If you want to build muscle then you can add more protein in your diet and decrease simple carbs in your diet.

If you are using bad carbs, then you are gaining bad fat. And this fat gives you heart problems and many more.

Side Effects of Training


There are many side effects of Crossfit but this is a very dangerous side effect. When you are performing daily then you are losing weight but you can also lose your muscles.

So never over-train your muscles. If you are a bodybuilder then you are not training your biceps muscle daily.

Moreover, if you want to do a daily workout then you can perform isolation exercises. These are those exercises that include only one muscle without any movement.

Joint Pain:

It is a very common side effect. When you apply pressure on your joints then you feel uncomfortable for some days.

Because here you are performing clean and push-ups, snatch, deadlift, pull-ups, etc. In these exercises, your joints are more involved. If you can make mistakes then you may face injury. So these are some risks of Crossfit.

On the other hand, if you are performing it in a controlled manner and perfect form then you can avoid injury.

Shoulder Injury:

Your shoulder muscle is included in every exercise. I said before that the snatch and clean workout is dangerous if you do not know its technic.

But if you want to avoid injury. Then you must warm up your full body before starting your workout. On the other hand, if you have any previous shoulder injury then you must take care of joints. And you can use lightweight for it to avoid injury.

Who Can Do This

Crossfit can do everyone. There is no restriction on this. If you are a beginner or advanced, then you can also do it. On the other hand, if you have any type of serious injury, then you must avoid it.

Firstly, consult with your doctor. But if you can not take it seriously, then you may have a serious injury. Further, it depends on your level.

For example, you can not do a snatch-and-clean workout on your first day. You need to take some to understand these exercises.

Can We Do Regularly:

No, you can not do it daily. If you are doing it daily then your body can not recover muscles. And when you train your muscle daily then it is called overtraining.

This is not good for your body. For example, on your first day, you train the upper body with deadlifts and pull-ups. Then, on the next day, you can not do these same exercises.

When you do these same exercises then your muscles are not growing. And on the other side, if you have muscle soreness then you can not do it with proper muscle contraction.

Manage Your Diet:

If you want to take all the advantages from Crossfit then you can take good quality food. If you are eating junk food then you can not achieve your fitness goal.

But you can lose your all muscle. Because your body needs energy then you are not providing it. Here your body uses your muscles as fuel. So you are not stronger day by day. And you can lose your natural strength as well.