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There are many types of chicken. But you can divide it into three categories. For example, laying, meat-producing, dual-process bread, etc. Moreover, it contains 27 grams of protein in 100 grams of servings. Further, it has fat, which is 14 grams.

And Vitamin A, C, D, iron, calcium, vitamin B-6, etc. It is the boneless chicken that is very popular. So you can add boneless chicken to your diet.

Then, you can complete your daily protein value. It is more expensive than whole chicken, but whole chicken contains more fat and protein.

Chicken Benefits

Weight Gain:

If you want to gain muscles then add it to your diet. When you eat chicken at night then you can gain easily weight.

But make sure you do not add external things. You can add veggies to it for taste. Further, veggies give you fiber that helps with digestion.

High Protein:

This is a good source of protein. When you eat 500 grams in a day, you can easily build muscles. It depends on your calorie intake.

But you do not eat a big serving of chicken at night. Further, you should divide this into small servings.

For Heart:

It controls the body’s homocysteine amino acid level. If in any case, it is high in your body then you may have cardiovascular disease. So eat chicken in a week good for your all body organs. Moreover, it is not for muscle building.

Increase Strength:

If you eat chicken per day, then you become stronger day by day. Because it contains creatine, if you add some external creatine supplements, then you will have amazing strength.

Side Effects

There are many side effects of it. But most of the reason for disease is bacteria on it. For example,

Firstly, you may have a fever.

Secondly, You have stomach pain.



Muscle pain


So these are the common diseases. But a big problem is that when you eat and sleep. So the body does not use the energy of chicken. And your body stores the energy in the form of fat. So it makes you fat around your stomach.

Further, many people have a problem with kidney stones, but sometimes it is genetics. So, if you eat a big meal of chicken, increase your daily water intake. Then, you can reduce the chances of kidney stones.

In the end, You can eat it daily but only if your body needs this. So this is the best source as compared to other sources of meat.