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Anadrol is a very famous steroid. It is also known as Oxymetholone. Further, it has many benefits and side effects. It is used for gaining muscles.

When you are taking Anadrol then it adds water or excess fluid to your body which is the reason for weight gain. It is also known as Anadrol-50.

It is in the form of tablets that you can consume orally.

Moreover, each tablet contains anabolic and androgenic drugs. The chemical name of Anadrol is 17beta-hydroxy-2-(hydroxymethelene)-17-methyl-5alfa-androstan-3-one.

Further, the ingredients that are not active which is lactose, magnesium, starch, and povidone.

Use In Medical:

It is used to treat anemia. When a person has low production of red cells or a deficit of it in your body then it is used by doctors.

And other diseases like aplastic anemia, and hypoplastic anemia. This is caused by chemotherapy. So this is the biggest use of it in the medical condition.

Benefits of Anadrol

If you want to build muscles in a short time, then you can take it. Within some days, you can feel your body weight increase.

And your overall body strength also increases. But you do not depend on it. Because most people when they are on a cycle then they do not take a diet.

Further, they decrease the natural diet. That is very wrong.

It doesn’t mean you stop eating chicken, eggs, veggies, etc. These also help to reduce the side effects of the Anadrol.

Side Effects of Anadrol

There are a lot of side effects whenever you have symptoms like diarrhea and trouble sleeping.

Then you must consult with your doctor. Further, if you have swelling in your ankles, trouble breathing, mood swings, or low interest in sex.

You must tell everything to your doctor.

Moreover, if you gain weight that is very high in a few days then it is also dangerous for you.

Many adults have problems like swelling breasts, testicle size decrease, hair loss, and problems in urinating.

If you have still used this drug, then you may have permanent side effects.

So stop taking this drug when you see these problems.

Females also have many side effects, such as facial hair growth, acne, clitoral enlargement, and problems related to their periods.

These are not all side effects but firstly you may see these. Never ignore these symptoms because you do not know what happens to you.

When you take this before your puberty, then, you may have enlargement of the penis and more frequent erections.

And you may see your breasts increase in size. This is not good for you, but it has become a disease, which is called gyno. If you have gyno, then you feel some lump in your nipple. It irritates you when you touch it.

And sometimes it is red. But it depends from person to person. This is seen in men.

So, It is not sure that a female does not get it. We do not predict what happens with a person when he or she takes it.


The effective dosage is 1-2 mg per kg per day. It is taken for three to six months. You do not have to take it for only one month.

For the best results, you must take it at least three months. This is recommended for bodybuilding.

But if you are a patient of Anemia then the doctor gives you a low amount of Anadrol. However, some of the patients do not need daily dosages of Anadrol.


The Liver is the main organ that is badly hit by any oral steroid.

Further, When you take an oral pill of Anadrol, it is a breakdown in many parts. Then, this breakdown continually runs.

You do not know what happens inside your stomach. When it breaks down small molecules, it releases high energy. Sometimes, you feel bloating and diarrhea

occur. And you may have liver failure. So if you are taking it, then check your body weekly.

Liver cell tumors also form in your stomach because you build muscles and new muscles every day.

But the body also has dead cells that are removed from your body. But sometimes, dead cells are formed rapidly, and they take the place of tumors.

If you are a child then you can also take this. But make sure this is done in the presence of your doctor.

These side effects happen when you overdosage.

Further, you do not think that when you take a high dosage, you get bigger. No, this is not true. You may die by overdosage. Many bodybuilders died from overdosage.

Think again you have the first year in your bodybuilding and doing overdosage. Here does not matter how many years you have in this field. Overdosage never gives you a second chance.

Who Can Take This

If you are serious about your goals. That means if you want to make a career in bodybuilding, then you may take it.

But my personal opinion is that you never take this before your puberty.

Because in puberty, you have the natural growth of your body. Then you have two works. One is that you do the workout. The second is that you get good quality food.

But all people are not the same. Because some get a result and some do not.

Here, they talk with their trainer. And then, the trainer sees his benefits and tells him about this drug.

And you think I became bigger in one month. So I always said that never listen to your third-degree trainer.

If you have any questions regarding this, you can consult a doctor near you. They give you real information regarding the drug.

So I think you can understand this. Here if you have not loved your body then you can go for it.

Moreover, you can do many post cycle therapy, but you never escape from the side effects of it. PCT is a therapy that reduces your side effects.

But it is not possible when all work is held in your main organ.

Firstly, you hurt your liver for three to six months. Then you give him relief and recover him. But sometimes, people do not have any type of effect. So, do you have side effects or not?

Moreover, you must PCT after your cycle. On the other hand, it gives you some benefits And reduces the amount of Anadrol in your body.